Troubled bridge over waters…

The Mount Pleasant SC area is experiencing an unexpected disruption. Last week, during a routine inspection on one of the major bridges, a snapped cable was discovered. I am thankful God gives knowledge to people and that there are folks who know what to do when a bridge cable snaps. I am thankful for inspections.

Immediately, the two east bound lanes of the interstate were closed to traffic. West bound lanes were found to be stable. Professional bridge experts arrived to view the area and make a plan. Local t.v. stations gave numerous updates on road closures and detours.Β The Mayor, Governor, engineers, local and state police and other officials began working on a solution.

Tourist season hasn’t even started yet and the roads are already packed with vehicles bumper to bumper, due to the rerouting of traffic. People need to get to work, to doctor appointments, to school and other destinations. Life continues even with bridge troubles.

The Mayor updated the public and reminded everyone this is the time to use our “patience” and “friendliness”. I pray for no road rage or short tempers while the problem is being addressed.

At last, there is a plan for a temporary fix to be completed by June 11th. Meanwhile, a crossover area has been paved and now there is two way traffic on the west bound lanes of the bridge. A plan that hopefully will help everyone while we wait for the permanent fix of the cable.

This unexpected development reminds me how life can change in an instant and there are times we are not prepared for the change.

How do you handle unexpected change? What is your immediate response? Prayer and patience or worry and doubt? I wonder if this bridge cable snapping and traffic being diverted is one way for us to slow down and remember our blessings.

We often take for granted something as simple as a bridge crossing over water. A bridge to take us from one mainland to another.

Take some time today and pause to remember any bridges in your life that might need repair. A temporary fix can lead to a permanent solution.

Meanwhile, if you visit Mount Pleasant SC, please have patience with us while the bridge over the Wando River is being repaired. Thank you.



51 thoughts on “Troubled bridge over waters…

  1. Our HW Good Morning Message today fits so well with yours! “We can be thankful to our God who sees in every situation an opportunity for us to trust Himβ€”whether or not we see His purpose.” May it be true in our lives!

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  2. Melissa, your post reminds me of a recent ladies’s meeting we had at church. The theme was “When the Menu Changes” talking about how we have to change what we’re serving when we discover we missing some of the ingredients. But in a larger sense, when have to deal with changes in our lives.

    I love your title of this post. So creative.

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  3. Wonderful post, Mimi. This reminded of a bridge up in the mountains of NC that was washed away last year. The residents were completely cut off as that was the only way in and out of their small community. It was a good reminder for me to never take ANYTHING for granted.

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  4. I agree. We really do like to plan our lives and try to control outcomes, seldom ready for the inevitable interruptions and detours that will arise. I once saw a sign that read, “If you want to make God laugh, make plans!”

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  5. As always, I enjoyed your post. We only have one bridge in my city that crosses the river and have been trying for decades to get an additional one built. Is that your only bridge?

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    • Kimberly, there are some other bridges that connect areas. But we still have to cross the one that is shut down to get to certain areas.Those bridges are packed with traffic, too. People are trying to find alternate routes to their destinations. Have a blessed day! πŸ™‚

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  6. Oh, I like things ordered and planned. Not a fan of unexpected change!! My first years of teaching taught me how to roll with things and I’m thankful for that training before I had kids of my own. I still like a good, well-organized plan, but I’m learning to hold things loosely. πŸ˜‰

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  7. This is a great perspective! I definitely takes things like this for granted. There are times when God reminds me I never know what tomorrow will bring. And it’s in those moments I cling to Him, knowing He’s the only constant in life.

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  8. Dear Melissa!

    I came to think of Simon and Garfunkel as I saw your blog post title. I love them.

    I hope all will work out with the bridge so everyone can travel safely to their destinations.

    God bless, Edna Davidsen

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    • Thank you Nancy. Bridges are vital. So often we take for granted the blessing of being able to cross from one area to another by bridge. Have a blessed day!


  9. Sorry for your city’s inconvenience, Mimi, but I love the analogy! I think if God can teach us to be calm and patient during a detour in life, we’ve arrived! (Just realized the pun–hehe)

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  10. So good they found it BEFORE it caused a great problem! I used to live in Minneapolis & remember the freeway bridge collapsing while major traffic was driving through! I sometimes wonder as I drive under bridges out here in Los Angeles… thinking back to my memories of images from the Northridge earthquake when people were crushed underneath…

    I think there is some “benefit” to living in earthquake country… you don’t quite trust everything – the ground, the buildings, etc to be stable and safe. You never sleep under a window or glass of any kind… control is really an illusion anyway right?

    Nevertheless, my usual response to the unexpected is worry and agitation, rarely patience and prayer. Usually I have to be reminded to pray and trust that God is in control. πŸ™‚

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  11. With prayer and patience we can still find peace when these unexpected changes happen. I hope the bridge is fixed soon. Thanks for sharing, Mimi. Blessings to you.

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    • Thank you Boma. I am watching for bridge updates everyday. God is giving us opportunity to show patience and kindness during this unexpected trial. Have a blessed day!


    • I am constantly working on giving my worries to God, but then I seem to take the worries back. I am definitely concerned about the bridge but thankful for His provisions. Have a blessed day!


  12. This actually reminds me of my current cancer journey. A routine “inspection” revealed a problem that had to be dealt with. I could have panicked and become depressed instead of praying and trusting that God was in control. Situations will always happen – how we react can change the trajectory of our lives.

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    • I am so sorry that you are on a cancer journey. I am a 13 years breast cancer survivor. Yes, situations will happen and how we react makes all the difference. Thank you for commenting. Have a blessed day! Praying for you.


  13. Losing my husband, Jim, at 57 was the hugest unexpected thing that’s happened to me. I ran to God immediately. I prayed for strength to take care of all the arrangements and be strong for our daughters and to take each single breath. It’s been almost a year. God is still my anchor and stronghold everyday of this journey in widowhood.

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  14. What a great analogy with personal life bridges and disruptions that can catch us by surprise. I hope everyone gets through this disruption safely. I wish I was better about remembering to stay calm during a my own disruptions! That’s a bridge that needs some repair for me. Great share!

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    • The bridge is repaired now and normal busy traffic has resumed. I wish all bridges (real ones and mental ones) could be repaired easily. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Have a blessed day! πŸ™‚

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