Welcome!!! Jumping for Joy!!!

Yes, that’s me jumping for joy! Wonderful, fun, exciting things are happening in my life!

A brand new website for Mimi On Life will be launching this week. Blog posts are found on the site, along with information on books, my writing journey and other special items. There may even be a few giveaways from time to time, so be sure to sign up for the newsletter.

Drum roll….. I am pleased to announce the release of my first children’s book. Licky the Lizard is a delightful story with lessons of God’s love for all of us. It is available in paperback as well as for Kindle.

Click here to purchase a copy

Thank you to everyone for all the encouragement and inspiration. Special thanks to my family for their patience

Most of all, I give praise and thanks to God for guiding me along the way. His love and mercy is forever.




Coins in the rain…

Grocery shopping recently involved visiting a few different stores for certain bargains. Light rain danced in the air as Alan and I left the house on the way to the first stop. This area has been experiencing torrential downpours on and off for weeks. Hats and umbrellas are important items and we were prepared.

Arriving in the lot of our first destination, a parking place was easily found. The rain paused and we headed into the store. The first stop was a success. Items on our list were in stock.

We enjoyed nice conversation with employees. No need to rush. Visit for a while. The rain had stopped.

Well..the rain had stopped until we finished shopping and checked out. Looking outside the store doors, sheets of rain were pouring from the sky, pounding the pavement with huge drops. Hats and umbrellas were no match for this storm.

Deciding to step outside the store door and wait under the awning, we said our “goodbyes” to the employees and found a spot to stand and watch. As the rain poured, we waited patiently, noticing vehicles slowing their speeds on the slick road.

A mailbox sits near the front door of this store. We have seen people place their letters, etc. in the box. Today, there was something different on top of the box.

Sitting in a small pile, on top of the mailbox, were numerous coins. No dollar bills, just coins. No person was near the box. Just us as we stood and waited for the rain to lighten so we could walk to our car.

I imagined how someone probably had loose change and thought, “I’ll just leave this change here for someone else to use.” The true story of why the coins were there will always remain unknown to us.

Yet, someone may have come along and needed those extra coins and there they were, just waiting.

Blessings can come in all different sizes and shapes. Today, I saw the blessings of coins on top of a mailbox. We left the coins there and know God was providing a blessing for whoever found the coins.

Amazing, the things we can see if we stand still and wait for the rain to pass. Coins on a mailbox waiting to be a blessing.

Have you seen any unexpected blessings from God lately? Pause and look around you. Maybe you will find some way to leave a surprise blessing for another person.