Sweating or “glistening”…

“It’s hot enough to fry eggs on the sidewalk.” “Don’t go outside unless necessary.” “Drink water, check on the elderly, check on your neighbors, take care of animals.”

These recent warnings are part of daily news reports here in coastal South Carolina. Last week, temperatures were close to 100 degrees with heat index of 117 and more. Air conditioners have been running non-stop. Neighborhoods have been quiet as more people are staying inside and not taking walks until early morning or late evening.

So, what do the Hendersons do? We decide to take a walk in the evening. Equipped with bottled water, sunscreen applied and wearing light colored clothing, we start walking through the neighborhood.

Our pace is slower than usual. A few shaded areas bring welcome relief. Conversation is mostly about the heat and the lack of people outside. One runner (must be a professional) does pass us and two ladies are walking slowly on the opposite side of the street. Small number of folks outside.

After a long walk, as we approach the street to our home, we look at each other with questioning thoughts. “Who had the bright idea of walking in this heat?” At least it wasn’t as hot as earlier in the day and at least we were prepared and followed healthy guidelines for being outside.

Just as I am thinking about how glad I am we are sticking to our walking plan, Alan looks at me and says, “Wow, honey, you are really sweating. It’s running all down your face and neck.” Way to make a girl feel good. No kidding I was sweating. He was sweating, too, but I didn’t mention how he looked.

My reply was “No, dear, I am not sweating. I am “glistening”. Southern ladies “glisten”. We don’t sweat.”

Laughter was with us all the way home. And, yes, I was truly sweating.

We couldn’t wait to get inside the house, cool down, drink more water and take cold showers.

Even in a hot, sweaty walk, laughter can be found.

Have you found an unusual circumstance to laugh? Share with us.

Blessings and giggles,


Delayed, cancelled, finally home…

Last week, my husband Alan was required to take a business trip. His flight was booked, hotel booked and even though flying is not his favorite activity, he was ready for the adventure.

The flight on Sunday was uneventful. Arriving at the destination airport, finding a cab to the hotel (as there was no shuttle to the hotel) and meeting new people who were also attending the seminar were all part of the days activities.

The week continued with classes everyday, learning new business procedures, and at the end of each daily session, heading back to the hotel to rest and prepare for the next day. A typical business trip.

All was well and I couldn’t wait for him to arrive home on Thursday evening.

Until… Thursday arrived. Packing his belongings on Thursday morning, which include computer, CPAP machine, suitcase, and also a temporary heart monitor the doctor has asked him to wear for a certain period of time, Alan was ready to head for the airport.

He called frequently with updates. “I’m leaving for the airport.” “I’m at the airport, checking in and going through security.” “Now, I’m checked in and going to get a bite to eat while I wait for my flight.”

Great news. He was on the way home. Until…

Another call. Another text. “Flight delayed. Not sure what is going on. We are told it won’t be delayed long.”

More texts shortly afterwards. “Flight delayed. Plane isn’t here. Flight crew has timed out. Waiting for another crew.”

Then… “Airline reports computer glitch. Hundreds of flights cancelled. Airport is extremely hot. Thousands of people stranded. Not sure what will happen next. I’m going to try to rent a car.”

Next message was that no car reservations were being honored. So many people tried to rent cars that there were no cars available.

I turned on the t.v. to find a reporter telling about the “computer glitch” causing flights to be cancelled at the airport. Oh no!!

Many calls and texts back and forth between Alan and me. Finally, the only thing left to do was find a hotel room and spend the night and try to find a flight again the next day. There was no comfort in knowing he would be away from home another night, especially since he had developed a chest cold while traveling. What a mess!

A new flight was scheduled for the next day at 4:19pm. Upon arriving at the airport, Alan noticed the board with the flight schedule starting to change, just like the previous day. “Oh, no, here we go again.” More cancelled flights.

His flight was delayed but finally loaded with people and luggage and was able to head for Charleston SC. Alan was only 3 and 1/2 hours away from home, by car. Only 35 minutes away from home, by plane. So close and yet so far…

The last adventure was when the plane was able to land in Charleston, there was a terrible lightning storm. So, of course, passengers could not leave the plane. Pretzels and bottled water were handed out as everyone sat and waited for permission to disembark from the plane.

After almost 2 hours of sitting in the plane on the tarmac, passengers were allowed to leave the plane.

Alan’s luggage had gone ahead the previous day, even though no flight for him was available.

We kept asking each other this question. “Wonder what we are supposed to be learning from these events? How can we glorify God in all of this mess?”

One thing to remember is that whatever we are experiencing, there are ways to find God and show His love to others. In all the grouchiness of people at the airport and all the worries of when he would arrive home, Alan kept his cool and showed God’s love in all his words and actions.

I am proud of my husband. These were a few very trying, hard days. He wanted to be home instead of at the airport and I wanted him to be home.

This morning, the news is reporting there is still a “computer glitch” at the airport and many people continue to be stranded. We pray their flights resume soon and they arrive safely at their destination.

So close and yet so far… Does that describe anyone you know? So close to being near to God, yet so far away…. How can we show others the way to God?

Happy Summer and safe travels for everyone,

Is your mailbox full or empty?…

Confession… I love receiving mail. Yes, the gentle roar of the mail truck engine as the letter carrier presses on the gas pedal causes me to smile. The truck arrives at a different time each day. Yes, I have shared my love for mail previously. 🙂

Monday thru Saturday and even sometimes on Sunday, I hear the mail truck before I see it.  An exhilarating feeling comes over me when I hear that sound. Those times when I am away from home during the day, upon returning and as our car turns onto our street, I check the neighborhood mailboxes to see if any red flags are still standing on the boxes.

“No, the mail hasn’t arrived yet.” or “Oh, good, the mail has already been delivered. Wonder what we have in the box?” A normal conversation.

Some days, the box is full of books and letters, and of course, bills. Other days, there may be an advertisement or the box may be empty.

An empty mailbox reminds me of an empty heart. In order for us to show love to others, we have to fill ourselves with God’s love and His Word. In order for the mailbox to have items inside, there has to be effort to fill the box.

I recently joined a group that sends cards to seniors.  I don’t know any of the people receiving the cards I send and that is okay. Saying a prayer for the person and mailing a card makes me happy.

Today, take time to read God’s Word and fill your heart with His love. Also, take a few moments and send a note of encouragement or a thinking of you card to someone and let them know you care. Show God’s love through the mailbox.

Remember, there is someone out there just waiting for the sound of the mail truck.

Have a blessed day,



Troubled bridge over waters…

The Mount Pleasant SC area is experiencing an unexpected disruption. Last week, during a routine inspection on one of the major bridges, a snapped cable was discovered. I am thankful God gives knowledge to people and that there are folks who know what to do when a bridge cable snaps. I am thankful for inspections.

Immediately, the two east bound lanes of the interstate were closed to traffic. West bound lanes were found to be stable. Professional bridge experts arrived to view the area and make a plan. Local t.v. stations gave numerous updates on road closures and detours. The Mayor, Governor, engineers, local and state police and other officials began working on a solution.

Tourist season hasn’t even started yet and the roads are already packed with vehicles bumper to bumper, due to the rerouting of traffic. People need to get to work, to doctor appointments, to school and other destinations. Life continues even with bridge troubles.

The Mayor updated the public and reminded everyone this is the time to use our “patience” and “friendliness”. I pray for no road rage or short tempers while the problem is being addressed.

At last, there is a plan for a temporary fix to be completed by June 11th. Meanwhile, a crossover area has been paved and now there is two way traffic on the west bound lanes of the bridge. A plan that hopefully will help everyone while we wait for the permanent fix of the cable.

This unexpected development reminds me how life can change in an instant and there are times we are not prepared for the change.

How do you handle unexpected change? What is your immediate response? Prayer and patience or worry and doubt? I wonder if this bridge cable snapping and traffic being diverted is one way for us to slow down and remember our blessings.

We often take for granted something as simple as a bridge crossing over water. A bridge to take us from one mainland to another.

Take some time today and pause to remember any bridges in your life that might need repair. A temporary fix can lead to a permanent solution.

Meanwhile, if you visit Mount Pleasant SC, please have patience with us while the bridge over the Wando River is being repaired. Thank you.



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I hope you will keep following my blogs and enjoy the messages.

Thank you,


Melissa Henderson

When the exercise wristband was wrong…

Mount Pleasant SC has many beautiful and scenic places to walk and enjoy nature. From shaded neighborhood paths to golden sandy beaches to local parks, a leisure walk can soothe the soul.

Wrapped around my left wrist, I wear one of those marvelous bands that keeps track of water intake, steps walked, sleep or dormant time and weight loss. How exciting to know this device can help keep me on track!

Well, I will be on track if I follow the correct procedure. Drinking a certain amount of water each day, walking a certain amount of steps and eating the correct amount of food.

I enjoy using this wristband device and especially like when the band “buzzes” to let me know a task has been completed. Although, I usually jump when the buzz occurs as I am not expecting to have met the goal yet.

Recently, deciding to update the information on the app, I started changing certain goals, etc. in order to reach for higher achievements.

Immediately, an email came through on my phone and computer. Evidently, I had pushed the wrong button.

“Congratulations!! You have lost 140 lb.s!! Here are badges to put on your social media to let everyone know your accomplishment!!”

OH, NO!!! I didn’t lose 140 lbs.!! I am overweight but if I lost that much weight, there would only be a fraction of me left.

Panicking, I wondered if these “Way to go” badges would show up on my social media pages. If people saw I had lost 140 lbs, they might be worried about me.

Losing weight is one of my goals, but not that much weight. From this moment on, whenever I want to update my health wristband, I will ask for help from someone with expertise in that area.

If you ever receive a message from your health wristband congratulating you on the great accomplishment, think of me and laugh.

Here’s to healthy living! May our thoughts and actions glorify God every day!

Have a blessed day, full of fun and joyful laughter… and exercise,

The case of the missing toy sheet…

I have been known to misplace items only to find the particular item right in front of me or somewhere close by. I always like to know where certain things are located.

Recently, some of our family from Virginia came for a visit. We enjoyed having Ashley, Daniel, Peyton, Paige and Ryder here with us. Loads of fun and laughter. Visiting the neighborhood pool, taking walks to the playground, dining at interesting restaurants and of course, bringing out a plastic tub of toys to explore.

The plastic tub in the closet is full of Lego from Alan’s childhood and from the childhood of our son, Mike. We will be saving all these great items for our grandson Rowan to explore and create things. I am sure Christine and Mike will appreciate us keeping the little pieces here at our house for now. 🙂

Finding interesting sizes of Lego and thinking of what to build with the pieces was exciting! But, it was too hard to know exactly what was in the tub unless we dumped everything out on the floor. No problem. Let’s get a bed sheet, lay it out on the floor and dump the tub.

A wonderful idea! That way, everyone could see the hundreds and hundreds of pieces and choose what they wanted and use their imagination to create unique buildings, cars, horse jumps and more. We loved choosing pieces and having everything spread out on the sheet on the floor.

Alas, the time came for the visitors to head back to Virginia. What terrific house guests! When I went upstairs to see if they had left anything behind, they had cleaned up so well that it didn’t appear anyone had visited! Alan and I missed them already.

As days went by, a thought entered my mind. Where is the sheet we used for the toys? Wonder if they placed the sheet in the tub with the toys? Hmmm….. I checked and no sheet was found.

Looking in closets and even in the laundry hamper, I was determined to locate the toy sheet. Not that I needed the sheet, just wanted to know it’s location.

Time passed and I finally remembered to ask Ashley, “Hey, do you know what happened to the sheet we used for the toys?” Replying she didn’t know the answer but would check to see if the sheet mysteriously went back to Virginia with them, I waited to see if maybe, just maybe the sheet would be at their home. Could it be as they were cleaning  so well, the sheet was placed with their items to go home?

A while later, I received the funniest text accompanied by a hilarious photo. Daniel(the Dad) and Paige( 10 years old) were making funny faces and pointing to the folded up sheet. They sent a message saying “Woopsie! We stole your sheet!”

I laughed so hard when I saw their message on my phone. Our family is a lot of fun. We laugh together, we cry together and we support and encourage each other. Most definitely we love each other and some of us even clean so well that extra items get packed away unexpectedly.

Yes, everyone, the case of the missing sheet is solved.

God gives us various kinds of joy every day. Do you have any funny family stories? Share with us and enjoy the laughter.



HHT and LLT…

A leisurely drive along Rt. 41 provides opportunity to view picturesque ponds, creeks and low lying areas where water ebbs and flows. I’ve always been fascinated with the tide. The coming in and going out of the water is a marvelous mystery. Whether the water is moving slowly or fast paced, each ripple or wave is unique in movement.

To my surprise, I recently learned something new about tides. My new found knowledge came with laughter, of course.

Alan and I have a pocket sized booklet listing times of the changing tides. Morning, afternoon, evening and night time tides are all listed by day and time. Very good information, especially for someone new to the area.

Just when I thought there was no more to learn about tides, Alan decided to share something new.

Passing by one particular body of water that almost touched the pavement of the highway, I said, “Wow, look how high the tide is right now.”

Alan explained, “Oh, that means it’s High, High Tide. Later, there will be Low, Low Tide. You know. HHT and LLT.” He told me this without cracking a smile.

Yes, I believed him and quickly grabbed our little tide chart booklet to see how I could have missed this valuable information. I couldn’t wait to share with family that I had seen the HHT. My excitement over the HHT was uncontrollable. I was giggly and wiggly in my seat. Anxious to get home to contact family and friends to let them know the sight of the HHT is really something to behold.

Alas, my sweet hubby turned to me and said, “Dear, that’s not really a thing. I was kidding.”

Silly me. Yes, I fell for his little prank. I’m a trusting person. 🙂

Have you seen the HHT or the LLT lately? God is orchestrating the movements of the water and His work is magnificent. Pause and enjoy the tides.



Dancing raindrops….

Windy and rainy day here with branches bending while birds try to snuggle down in their nests. Cars drive slowly through the downpours of rain. The neighborhood is quiet except for the sound of raindrops hitting the roof and the windows.

Gazing through my home office window, I notice the pond across the street. A most beautiful sight! Raindrops appear to be dancing back and forth on top of the water as if they are chasing each other. I imagine music playing to their “drop drop plop plop” in the pond.

Amazing to watch! Each raindrop falls from the sky while many other raindrops follow along. Looks like an orchestrated event.

Once again, God has given us beauty in His creations. Dancing raindrops….

Have a blessed week and watch for His blessings,


“Honey, I found the missing sock…”

How in the world do I lose socks? There are only two of us in this house and the house is not large. Yet, every now and then, I lose a sock or two. Somehow, somewhere in the midst of sorting clothes and washing and drying them, a lone sock disappears.

One of Alan’s gray socks has been missing for 3 days. I have searched high and low, in the laundry basket, beside the washer, under the bed… anywhere the gray sock might be hiding.

This evening, as I sat in my desk chair upstairs while looking at emails, etc., Alan shouted from downstairs, “Honey, I found the missing sock!”.

“Really? Wonderful. Where was it? Where did you find that sock?”

He replied confidently with a voice sounding like he had found a missing treasure. “When I straightened the blanket on the bed, the sock fell on the floor.” He was so proud of himself for finding the missing item.

All was great until I realized the sock he found was the one that is not missing. The sock he found was the other one waiting for it’s mate. I had placed the sock on the bed in hopes of finding the missing one today.

Oh, well… the search continues for the missing gray sock. I guess we’ll find it one day. Probably when we least expect, the sock will fall out of a sweater sleeve or pants leg or who knows, might be found in a completely unique place.

Good thing Alan has other pairs of socks. 🙂

Have you ever lost a sock or two?
Have a blessed weekend and be sure to giggle,