Myrtle the Turtle….


Myrtle!! Myrtle!!! Are you there? Hello! Hello!

We have a new guest at our home. A box turtle has taken up residence right outside our back door. She enjoys creating a hole in the dark mulch. Each morning, she disappears for a while and by the afternoon, returns to the hole she has created.

Alan and I believe the turtle is a mommy who will be laying eggs soon. That is the story we have created for ourselves. We have decided the turtle is a female and our son suggested we name her Myrtle the Turtle.

Myrtle never seems to be afraid of us. No matter how many times we open the back door and lean over the porch railing to gaze at her, she never moves away from us. Can she hear? Her nesting place is right next to the air conditioner unit and that thing is loud.

Although we may never know Myrtle’s true story and how she found our house, there is comfort in knowing she feels safe.

Yes, I do talk to Myrtle during the day.  That turtle may not know much about humans and may wonder about us like we wonder about her.

Myrtle may not be the most beautiful turtle, but she is fun to watch. Myrtle is a creation of God and she is special.

Now, I can be referred to as the “lady who talks to turtles”.  🙂 Add that to the ever growing list of nicknames for Mimi. 🙂

Do you ever chat with God’s animals? Do you have a favorite animal?

Blessings and giggles,