How do you define “sacred”? and “Where are my snow clothes?”



A friend asked me if all my posts were going to be lighthearted and cute. My answer is “I don’t know. I just start thinking and whatever the Lord puts in my mind is what I share on my blog. If it’s a funny story about me and/or my family, then God has reminded me of the blessings of life and love and laughter. There may be times when the blog thoughts are more serious. God constantly reminds me of His everlasting love and mercies and in all situations, I am blessed.”

So here goes…. I am participating in a wonderful online group and we are picking certain words to really think about. This week, the word is “sacred”. Hmm…… How do you define the word “sacred”? I am glad this is the word for the week because it really gives me a chance to think about what is “sacred” to me.

When I think of “sacred”, I think of communion, praying, and holy. My prayer time is “sacred” because it is a holy, set apart time, in which I share my heart and soul with God. He knows my thoughts, yet I still share my feelings with Him.

I do not pick a certain time each day to pray. I pray all throughout the day and even the night, when I wake up for various reasons. 🙂 Praying is very “sacred” to me. My thoughts are shared with God and I know He is listening and hearing. His answers may not be what I want, but, I do know that He knows what is best for me.

Today, think about how you define “sacred”. I would love to know your thoughts. Leave a comment. You may inspire someone today. 🙂

On a lighter note, how much snow did your neighborhood get with this crazy snow event? Alan decided he would do a little shoveling, since obviously we have no teens in the area who want to earn some money. ( As teens, we always went door to door after a snow storm and asked to shovel driveways to earn some money. And, yes, we do have lots of teens. I guess they just aren’t in to shoveling to earn money.) Oh well….
Alan asked where I keep his snow clothes. My response was, “Dear, we got rid of all that stuff when we moved to NC and when we moved back to VA, we didn’t buy any new boots and cold weather stuff.” Oops…… Well, that sweet husband went outside in his sweatpants, flannel shirt, and LLBean mocs and shoveled the driveway. He’s so sweet!
He did come inside every 15 minutes to warm up. 🙂 He’s my hero.

I get such joy with the little things in life. Snowflakes are beautiful. I must admit, I am glad to see all this snow melting now. There are bluebirds, cardinals and wrens at the bird feeder. Ahhhh…… “sacred” moments watching God’s creations.

Have a blessed day,



Bountiful Blessings….

A big question for today…. Did you play the lottery? We never play the game. The news stations are full of anticipation in the weeks, days and hours before the drawing. So many people trying to get some amount, any amount to help with their finances. Yes, we could use some help, too. But, we just never play the game.

That is…. until last evening. Alan and I were out taking care of errands. The post office, the local pharmacy, and well… “Hey, let’s buy a ticket, just in case.”

So, off we go to the corner market. Short line. Good. Alan had asked me to pick some numbers. I wrote various numbers on a piece of paper. He went in the store, came out and handed me a ticket. Then, he says, “I had to switch one of your numbers because the big number at the end only goes up to 26.” No problem.

Since we don’t stay awake until 11:00pm, we missed the big announcement on the t.v.  This morning, I watched a local t.v. show and they displayed the numbers. We had one number that would have matched, if Alan hadn’t switched the numbers. Oh, my! Happily, we found out that you don’t win anything with one correct number. haha!

This whole experience reminds us that we don’t need to play any game to help our finances. Alan works hard at his job and most importantly, God always provides just what we need exactly when we need it.

Have you ever received a check or money at the time you really needed help with finances? Or have you ever received a phone call, note in the mail, smile, hug or visit just a the right time? God gives us the most abundant blessings each and every day. Look for His blessings. They are not a game. His blessings are true and bountiful.
Thank you God.

Have a blessed day, and remember to thank God for all your blessings,


Just for giggles….


I must admit that I have an obsession with dryer sheets. My husband finds stray dryer sheets in strange places. So, I think he decided to really stress the point of my obsession. Alan, Mike and Christine coordinated this wonderful video that makes me laugh out loud. I just have to share it with you.

Please know that our last name is Henderson. That is how Henco was created.


Blessings, and remember God loves you,


Pickles and the Dough Boy

Hello, Happy New Year!

Our son(Mike) and daughter-in-love(Christine) were here visiting from SC this week. We were discussing childhood memories. I mentioned that when I was a little girl, people called me “Missy” and even “tater eater”(because of my love of all things potato).  I had always wanted another nickname.

When I was a little girl, my childhood friends and I were playing and decided to give each other nicknames. Everyone picked out cute names and I couldn’t think of anything. Then, I remembered that I loved to eat pickles, so, I thought my nickname should be “pickles”. I was so pleased with my choice. However, it didn’t stick because no one else felt it matched me or my personality. So, I kept on being “Missy” and “tater eater”. I didn’t become Mimi until I was an adult and I am extremely happy with the nickname “Mimi”.

Earlier this week, our family was enjoying preparing pizza for dinner. My husband(Alan) always prepares the dough. Then, we add the toppings. As he was working with the dough and flour, the toppings were being arranged, and our family was laughing and sharing stories. All of a sudden, the thought came into our minds that we should call Alan “the Dough boy”. That is how “Pickles and the Dough Boy” came to be.  Alan (the Dough Boy) really does make a delicious pizza. 🙂

NOTE:(“Pickles” really doesn’t suit me and forever more , I am Mimi.) 🙂

We laughed and laughed. Great memories and delicious food. We are truly blessed.

Do you have a nickname? Did you have a different nickname when you were younger?

We need to remember that we are God’s children and He calls us by name. He knows every detail about us. We can call each other cute nicknames and enjoy laughter. But, He knows our true name.

God has given us the most important name of all. We are His child. What a glorious name to be called “Child of God”.

I pray that 2016 will be a blessed and healthy  year for all of you. God calls you by name and He loves you. Listen for His call and answer Him with praises.