Yes, he smiled……

Baby Rowan is growing quickly. He is healthy and beautiful. Alan and I are blessed by watching Mike and Christine show love to their child. They are naturals at parenting.

Many wonderful “first time” events occur with a baby. The first coo, the first cry, the first diaper change, the first bath, the first outing and so much more.

One of the most precious sights is when you see that sweet baby look into your eyes and then, he smiles. People may say “Oh, that’s not a smile. That is gas.” Yet as a parent and a grandparent, when the baby looks into your eyes and makes those first facial movements, a smile is a smile. The whole world becomes happier when babies smile.

Rowan is beginning to show his personality with his sounds and expressions. As his “Mimi”, I know when I see a smile and his is the most beautiful smile in the world.

So when you see a baby, remember God has created this precious blessing and be sure to “smile”.

Have a wonderful day!

Blessings and forever smiles,


3 Chirps don’t equal a beep…

I am thankful for smoke alarms.

After changing batteries and STILL being annoyed by constant beep, Alan and I decided to research the cause. We learned there is a difference between beeping and chirping when it comes to smoke alarms!

Interesting to learn that 3 chirps meant our alarm was beyond use and needed to be replaced. Yes, I am thankful for websites that give information to people like me who have no clue why their alarm just won’t be quiet.

So, if your smoke alarm gives 3 chirps after you change the battery, its time for a new smoke alarm! Don’t delay. Get a new one now. 🙂

This leads me to our next story in the life of the Henderson family. Since we had just experienced the smoke alarm situation at home, imagine our surprise when the alarm sounded at the hotel we were staying in during a recent trip. After an exhausting day of travel, we settled in for the night and after about 30 minutes of sleep, an alarm blared through the hotel. Being exhausted makes us do silly things. For example, my sweet husband jumped out of bed and reached for the smoke alarm in our room, thinking we were at home and it was malfunctioning again!

The sight was truly funny as I watched this sweet man in his underwear trying to find the alarm before realizing we weren’t at home.

After remembering we were in a hotel room, Alan quickly reached for shorts and a shirt. My pajamas looked good enough to wear outside, so we grabbed our other essentials like my purse and his wallet.

I opened the hotel room door to find other guests in the hallway, filing down the stairs. Everyone had a bewildered look, somewhere between fear and grumpiness.

The hotel guests gathered outside in the parking lot. No one knew what was happening. We waited for a fire truck or someone to let us know it was safe to go back inside.

Time passed and finally we noticed everyone filing back inside. Seems someone wanted to have some fun (fun for them) and pulled an alarm. The blessing is there was no real fire.

Alan and I were thankful there was no danger. As we settled down for sleep, we started laughing at the whole experience. Alarm sounds, we jump out of bed, make sure we have on appropriate clothing before heading out the door to follow the directions on the back of every hotel room door. In case of emergency, use the stairs.

Each day our family motto rings true… “Its Always a Story with the Hendersons”.

Blessings and giggles, and check your smoke alarms,

“Mimi” has a whole new meaning…..


Monday,  July 24, 2017 is a very special day. Our first grand child was born. He arrived 3 weeks early and he is perfect in every way.

Both of my sisters have grandchildren and shared how Alan and I would experience feelings of love beyond words for this new grand baby. The love my husband and I feel for this boy is as special as the love we feel for our son. Love beyond words.

The moment we saw this newborn baby boy, our world changed in wonderful ways. His face, his fingers, arms, legs, toes… even his cry is precious. Memories of when our son was born came in to our thoughts and tears of joy flowed on our cheeks.

Holding this new baby gave me a feeling of peace and comfort. I began to think of all the wonderful people who love him and will have important roles in his life. Blessings from God.

We have prayed for this child, his Daddy, his Mommy and the whole family. We pray that he will have the desire to know God and to show God’s love to others. We pray for good health for the whole family. Most of all, we give thanks to God for the precious blessing of this child. Thank You God. Your love endures forever.

Another special blessing is watching our son and daughter-in-love shower their new child with love that only a parent can give. The natural instinct both of them have to be parents is truly heartwarming to see. From the moment of his birth, this child was shown true love and devotion by his parents. Seeing our son and his wife loving their child is a truly amazing experience. Alan and I are so very proud of them.

I have been called “Mimi” by my family for a few years now. And, I will continue to be called “Mimi” unless this dear child wants to give me another name. 🙂 As for right now,
“Mimi” has a whole new meaning and I love the new meaning….. Grandmother.

Have a blessed week,





Myrtle the Turtle….


Myrtle!! Myrtle!!! Are you there? Hello! Hello!

We have a new guest at our home. A box turtle has taken up residence right outside our back door. She enjoys creating a hole in the dark mulch. Each morning, she disappears for a while and by the afternoon, returns to the hole she has created.

Alan and I believe the turtle is a mommy who will be laying eggs soon. That is the story we have created for ourselves. We have decided the turtle is a female and our son suggested we name her Myrtle the Turtle.

Myrtle never seems to be afraid of us. No matter how many times we open the back door and lean over the porch railing to gaze at her, she never moves away from us. Can she hear? Her nesting place is right next to the air conditioner unit and that thing is loud.

Although we may never know Myrtle’s true story and how she found our house, there is comfort in knowing she feels safe.

Yes, I do talk to Myrtle during the day.  That turtle may not know much about humans and may wonder about us like we wonder about her.

Myrtle may not be the most beautiful turtle, but she is fun to watch. Myrtle is a creation of God and she is special.

Now, I can be referred to as the “lady who talks to turtles”.  🙂 Add that to the ever growing list of nicknames for Mimi. 🙂

Do you ever chat with God’s animals? Do you have a favorite animal?

Blessings and giggles,


When you argue with your phone……


Last week, Alan and I enjoyed a wonderful vacation in South Carolina. Visiting with son and daughter-in-love always makes us happy.  A baby shower for the first grand baby due in August, an evening of winning a trivia game at a local eatery, sharing meals, conversation and making memories are all part of our family time.

The day arrived for us to leave and head for home in Virginia. We wanted to stay longer and would if we could. Life and job awaited at home. Packing the suitcases, filling the tank with gas and saying our goodbyes signaled we were on the way home.

Last November, our son suggested I purchase a new phone. A great idea since we were still using the old flip phones. The thought of fun activities and ways we could use the new phone was exciting. Maps, tracking exercise, and texting, which is definitely new for Alan and me, brought anticipation of new adventures to come.

So instead of printing out the directions for home as usual, I decided to ask the phone for directions. Easy, right?

We had stopped along the way to attend an author presentation. Great event. Just needed to take a different way home. No problem.

Well…. everything was going well. The roads were great until we were directed to leave the four lane highway and take the two lane highway. No problem.

The next instructions guided us from a two lane highway to a small road with no lines in the middle. Hmmm…. interesting. The only things visible in the area were tobacco fields and lots of cornfields. No highway signs, no street signs…..

Wait… a sign!!!!! Not a sign for directions. This was a sign with a drawing of a COW on it!!! A cow crossing sign!!!!

Thoughts raced in my head… What happens if we break down? Who would find us? There are not any houses nearby.  If we call for help, how could we describe our location? Would we say, “We’re the couple next to the “Cow Crossing” sign?”

As I started to argue with the phone, I repeated our destination address. Maybe the phone would provide us another route home, a more inhabited area so I wouldn’t feel so lost.

I realized there was no winning an argument with the phone when the voice kept telling us to “Make a U turn” and we were on a straight and narrow road. Feeling the back of the phone, I noticed warmth and decided to turn off the phone and resort to relying on the good old paper map. Thank goodness for visitor centers with free maps.

No arguing with the phone would result in a new direction home. Silly Mimi.

So next time we take a trip to unknown territory, I will make sure a paper map is in the car and yes, I will take the new phone. I just hope I don’t have to argue with the phone again. 🙂

Do you use the direction finder on your phone? Have you argued with your phone?

Even when we feel lost God is always with us. Rely on Him.

Blessings and giggles,

Finches try to take over…..


A beautiful day in Virginia. Sunshine, a slight breeze and comfortable temperatures. Our hummingbird feeder is ready for those cute little hummingbirds. The waiting game begins…. I peer outside like a child waiting for something spectacular to occur. My nose is sometimes pressed against the window and my breath makes fog appear on the window. Anticipating seeing my first hummingbird has filled my heart with excitement.

Then….. I notice… not hummingbirds. Someone else is drinking from the feeder and they have brought their family. Purple finches. Not one, but four purple finches. They are teaching the babies to drink from our hummingbird feeder. What? Those finches are trying to take over.

Quickly I open the back door to scare the finches away. That tactic only works for a few minutes. The purple finches are not afraid of me at all. They fly away and then return for more sugar water in the feeder.

How many times can I open and close the back door to try to show them the hummingbird feeder is for hummingbirds not finches?

Just as my patience begins to wear thin and the finches have flown away, I look outside and there, to my amazement, is a hummingbird. Not afraid of finches, this ruby throated hummingbird is there to stake claim to the feeder.

Sharing the feeder….. very special.

What would the world look like if we all would share our blessings with others? 🙂

Today and everyday, look around and see the blessings God provides.

Have a wonderful day,
Blessings and giggles,

Talking to my pink umbrella….


Rain has poured down for many days. Rain and wind. The saying “April showers bring May flowers” may be true.

The sound of the letter carrier’s truck alerted me to mail being delivered. Putting on my rain jacket and grabbing my cute pink umbrella, I headed for the cluster mailbox. As I opened the front door, a gust of wind almost blew me back into the house. WOW!! What a day!

Knowing wind and umbrellas don’t really go together, I decided to be brave and “chance it” by positioning my cute pink umbrella so the wind would not rip it apart.

Well… so much for that idea! The wind whipped around me and my cute pink umbrella and turned us around in mid step. Whoosh!

I found myself talking to the umbrella. “No, no, no you don’t. Don’t flip backwards and poke me. Stay strong cute pink umbrella! I don’t want to have to buy another one. This wind will not get the best of us.”

Looking around, I wondered if anyone heard me talking to my umbrella. No one was outside. Just me, the wind and my cute pink umbrella. I don’t mind if someone heard me talking. My neighbors know I talk to myself and yes, I even answer myself. Although in all the wind no one could hear me anyway. 🙂

Just me and my cute pink umbrella and our little conversation. Yes, the wind cooperated with us and the umbrella is safe. 🙂

That umbrella protected me from rain and wind just as God protects us from storms in life. Do you have an umbrella? Do you carry it outside in the wind?

Have a blessed day,

Strange sounds on my desk…


For the past week I have been sick with sinus stuff and sore throat. My regular schedule of walking outside has been put on hold. That is how I became sick in the first place, by taking my walks while all the pollen was bursting forth with it’s new life. Enjoying the warmer weather will have to wait for now.

I recently purchased one of those cool gadgets to wear on my wrist all day and night. The gadget tells me how many steps I have taken and there is even a setting that alerts me to get up and move. I like that setting!

Since I’ve been sick the cool new gadget has been sitting on my desk looking lonely.  I decided not to wear it for a few days since I would not be doing much walking.

While reading emails and looking at websites, etc, I noticed a strange sound coming from my computer for a few days. Each time the computer made a “buzzing” sound, I jumped. I started thinking I was going to have to contact our son and give him details. He knows all things computer related.

Just about the time I decided to get help with this strange sound, I looked down and there sat my “cool new wrist gadget” buzzing and lights blinking on and off. Silly Mimi!!!!! Those strange sounds aren’t coming from the computer. Those strange sounds are from my new gadget alerting me that I need to move. 🙂

You see, I forgot to turn off notifications so the “need to move” setting is still on. 🙂

Now that I realize what has happened, I decided to put the thing back on my wrist and walk inside my house, up and down the stairs. I won’t let that thing buzz me again. I will stay ahead of the notifications. At least, that is my plan….. heehee

Have a blessed day! Get up and move… or you might receive a notification. Ah…technology.

Blessings and giggles,

Azaleas, tulips, daffodils and more…


Achoo!!! Achoo!!!! Just a moment. Here comes another one!! Achoo!!!!

Yes, the time of year has arrived when pollen is covering the cars, window screens and deck furniture. There is a foggy mist of yellow floating in the air. Spring is full of new life.

Azaleas begin to burst open with bright colors of red, purple and pink. Tulips are standing tall side by side each morning waiting to open and share their beautiful colors. Yellow daffodils pop up in flower beds and beckon to be picked to adorn a glass vase.

Wonderful signs of life and changing seasons. Thank You Lord.

Have you taken a walk lately? What change of season wonders have you noticed? I love the flowers. Such beauty.

Then, of course, this means the lizards are back climbing up and down the bricks on the front of the house and jaunting here and there on the back deck.  Sorry, but I don’t care for lizards. Maybe one day I won’t dislike them so much.

Achoo!!! Achoo!!! A few more sneezes. I hope I don’t accidentally wash any tissues in the washing machine. That makes a mess. Oh, well…. “It’s Always A Story With The Henderson’s”.

Blessings, Spring flowers and giggles,

Writing woes and wonders…



Yes, I am continuing to write my first Christian fiction novel. There is so much to learn while trying to complete this story.  Questions keep filling my thoughts. Should I have an agent? Should I indie publish or try the traditional publishing route? What if my story isn’t good enough? What if no one likes the story? What if? What if? What if?

Then… I remember. PRAY before writing. PRAY for guidance. PRAY for wisdom. A simple prayer asking God for wisdom, discernment and revelation as to what I should write. My husband suggests that I complete the story and then we can concentrate on how to get published.

Peace and comfort come over me when I turn this “writing” over to God. He has a plan.

Thank you to everyone who gives me encouraging words and prayers.

I’ll keep you in the loop as I travel this writing road… and yes, there have been many funny happenings  in the life of the Henderson family.  “It’s Always A Story with The Henderson’s”.

Blessings and giggles,