Messages…just when you need them…

February arrives with special memories for our family.  February 12th was Mama’s birthday and February 15th, 2005 was my breast cancer diagnosis. There are birthdays, holidays and other opportunities to celebrate and remember during this month.

Someone shared with me how cardinals in your yard signify loved ones who have passed on are thinking of you. Do I believe that thought? I know I love to see the beautiful cardinals. I know this year on February 12th, Mama’s birthday, our yard was filled with the most beautiful male and female cardinals. Mama loved to watch birds. The colors and songs always amazed her. Mama went to Heaven on February 5, 2013.

Then, on February 15th this year (my 13 years breast cancer survivor anniversary), while sitting at my writing desk, something majestic caused me to look out the front window toward the pond across the street. Perched in a tall pine tree sat a beautiful bald eagle. As crows squawked and tried to get the bald eagle to leave their area, this magnificent bird stayed still on a limb and was not bothered by the other birds at all.

Daddy loved bald eagles. Their shape, color, size and boldness brings thoughts of bravery  and devotion. Daddy went to Heaven on Easter Sunday, 1998. Do I believe the thought of a bald eagle showing up in our neighborhood to be a message?

I do believe God sends us messages just when we need them. God can send a group of cardinals or a majestic bald eagle to remind us of the love of family and most important, the love He has for us.

Truly, I am thankful to be still and prepare for His blessings.

I pray you find messages today, messages from God. I pray you are reminded you are loved and cherished.

Thank You, God, for messages…. just when we need them.

Have a blessed weekend,



Power of the squirting hand sanitizer….

Last week was filled with doctor appointments for me and my hurting back and neck. This is an ongoing, years long adventure with chronic pain. I’ve endured pain medications, injections of various kinds, physical therapy and so much more. Every now and then, the intensity of pain flares and I need to see the pain doctor.

We are fortunate to have found a trustworthy and knowledgeable pain doctor here in SC.  Alan always accompanies me for the doctor visit as we have learned having two people listening to instructions and diagnosis is better than one. Not to say that I don’t always listen to the doctor. Just sometimes I need reassurance. 🙂

This week, as we waited for the door to open to our waiting area and the doctor to enter, Alan and I chatted about the weather, the nice people at the office and how many people in the area have the flu. Normal conversation while waiting.

Suddenly, Alan remembered he needed to apply hand sanitizer because he had opened doors at the office and touched the elevator buttons, etc. Never can be too careful with all the sickness around us.

A huge long tube hanging on the wall next to the door was marked “Hand Sanitizer” in big bold letters. Perfect. Just what we needed to feel refreshed.

Jumping up to get a small squirt of the sanitizer to clean his hands, Alan pushed down on the appropriate lever and instead of a small amount being released into his hands, a HUGE squirt of the foam shot out across the whole room. The floor was covered in white foamy hand sanitizer.

“Oops!! Quick, clean it up.” I suggested.

Instead of grabbing a paper towel and wiping the floor, my dear husband smeared it in with his shoes. Yes, the stuff evaporated quickly, thank goodness.

After finding a way to have a small amount of hand cleaner, he sat down and let out a deep breath. How embarrassing that would have been if the doctor or nurse had entered the room at that moment and saw!

So, to the person having an appointment after us, the carpet was cleaner and the room had a scent of cleanliness. You are welcome. 🙂

In the midst of pain and worry, once again, God gave us something to laugh about.

Thank You, God.

Enjoy the day and remember to wash your hands.