Writing woes and wonders…



Yes, I am continuing to write my first Christian fiction novel. There is so much to learn while trying to complete this story.  Questions keep filling my thoughts. Should I have an agent? Should I indie publish or try the traditional publishing route? What if my story isn’t good enough? What if no one likes the story? What if? What if? What if?

Then… I remember. PRAY before writing. PRAY for guidance. PRAY for wisdom. A simple prayer asking God for wisdom, discernment and revelation as to what I should write. My husband suggests that I complete the story and then we can concentrate on how to get published.

Peace and comfort come over me when I turn this “writing” over to God. He has a plan.

Thank you to everyone who gives me encouraging words and prayers.

I’ll keep you in the loop as I travel this writing road… and yes, there have been many funny happenings  in the life of the Henderson family.  “It’s Always A Story with The Henderson’s”.

Blessings and giggles,


Log trucks and porta-pottys


Many changes are happening in our neighborhood. The local grocery store is busy every day of the week, more vehicles traveling the streets, more people walking their dogs, more new neighbors. I remind myself change can be a good thing.

We knew change was coming because the first sign of new construction is when a truck delivers the porta-pottys. Funny how I always notice the porta-pottys sitting alongside the construction area. Not sure what makes my eyes direct that way each time. Maybe it’s the bright blue or maybe because they always seem to be leaning and I worry about whoever goes inside. 🙂

Our little part of the county is changing big time. Roads are being extended beyond their current path. Log trucks filled with trees that have been cut down to make way for the new roads slowly creep along the street in front of our home. Those trucks seem to moan with each load. Wonder the age of those cut trees? Do the rings truly show the age of a tree?

My husband worries about the animals who have lost their environment due to the clearing of the forest. Even the sounds in the neighborhood are different. Where the sound was once quiet now there are saws, bulldozers, clearing equipment and log trucks.

More homes being built. More people moving into this neighborhood. How will the new neighbors be greeted? With friendliness? Will they be ignored just because they are new? I hope not. We were once the new people in the area and were welcomed with genuine friendliness.

Change in the neighborhood brings more opportunity to show God’s love. Extend a hand to a stranger, give a smile and a “Welcome”, share some local activities with the new folks and yes, pray for them.

Change can be a good thing even if it involves log trucks and porta-pottys. 🙂

Has your neighborhood experienced changes? How have the people dealt with those changes? Look around your area and see how you can show God’s love to others.

Blessings and giggles,


Does Stanley have a concussion?


My family enjoys bird watching. Right now, we have a suet feeder hanging on the back porch deck. The morning chirps give the signal of birds arriving and enjoying the food. Bluebirds, cardinals, juncos, doves, brown thrashers, wrens, warblers and many other birds visit the feeder.

There is also a squirrel who has decided the suet feeder is for him, too. He (I am assuming the squirrel is a male) runs across the back field, jumps up a hill, reaches our house and scales the wood deck like a super hero. Stretching his long body from porch railing to the pole holding the feeder, the squirrel picks at the suet. Little birds sit on fence posts and watch. He is in charge for the moment.

Recently, the suet feeder was empty. The birds flew up to the feeder and then, back to the forest, with empty stomachs.

I saw the squirrel approaching the back porch. Alan suggested throwing some old peanuts outside for the hungry fella. So, I opened the door and threw out some treats. As soon as the peanuts hit the porch, that squirrel jumped on them. The excitement!!

Alan decided we needed to give the squirrel a name. His name would be Stanley Squirrel. Good name. Cute name.

The next day Stanley showed up at the back door but all the peanuts were gone.  Alan suggested giving him some old crackers. Sounded like a good idea.

Stanley was there on the porch looking for food. As I opened the door to say, “Stanley, I don’t have any more peanuts. Here is a cracker.”, that squirrel raced for the back door like he was coming inside the house.

Quickly, I slammed the back door hard enough to make the walls shake, afraid that he would come in the house. Stanley stood on the back porch welcome mat looking in the window. He seemed confused. Probably thinking “Crazy lady.”

With my nerves calmed, it was time to throw out a cracker. Noticing Stanley was not close by, I slowly opened the door and peeked out. Stanley came running. I broke apart a cracker and threw it, hoping to land the cracker on the grass in the yard.

The cracker hit Stanley in the head. OH, NO!!! What did I do?  Stanley appeared dazed for a few seconds. I worried and then, all of a sudden, he looked at the cracker, picked it up and headed for the forest behind our house. As I called Alan at work to give him the details of my morning adventure, he asked, “Do you think Stanley has a concussion?”

My goodness!!!! No Stanley does not have a concussion. He is fine and has returned for more treats. 🙂

It’s Always A Story With The Henderson’s.

Do you ever feed the birds and squirrels? God gives us nature to enjoy and also, gives us plenty to laugh about. Have fun today! Share your animal stories.