This is why I pack extra stuff for a trip


A few weeks ago, hubby and I traveled back to the city we lived in for 19 years. We went back to attend the memorial service for a dear friend. We had not returned to that place in since we left about 8 years ago. Lots of great memories and sad memories, too, from the 19 years there.

We knew going to the memorial service would be hard, because we loved our dear friend so much. His wife, Carol,  is one of my best buddies. Often times, we shared “George” stories or “Alan” stories. We would call each other on the phone and say “Hey, I’ve got a story for you. Guess what he did now?” Always funny stories and always light hearted fun from our husbands.

In preparing for the day trip, I packed a small travel bag with extra shoes, extra shirts for both Alan and me(yes, because we are known to spill food on us at any time) and other extra “stuff”. While packing the car for the day trip, Alan asked me, “Why are you packing so much stuff? We are only going for the day.”

Ah….. Mimi knows best. We arrived to the church parking lot. I had worn my tennis shoes for the trip, so, I proceeded to get out of the car, and change into my dress shoes for the memorial service. As I was changing shoes, friends came to welcome us back and give hugs. As we chatted and walked across the parking lot , I stepped on to the grass and thought, “Wow, I must have stepped in some clumps of grass because my shoe feels weird.”  No way. I looked down at my shoes and one of my shoes was falling apart, right there in the  parking lot. Say WHAT????? Alan and I looked at each other, laughed, and walked back to the car for me to get my “extra” pair of shoes that I had packed. Yes, I did.

I changed shoes, and we went into the church. Later that day, Alan said that he would never again ask why I pack so much extra “stuff” for a trip.

We cherish the memories we have of our friend George, and we cherish the continued friendship of his wife, Carol. They both have touched our lives in wonderful ways. In fact, their whole family has touched our hearts in special ways.

So, remember, if you ever have the thought of packing “extra” stuff for a trip, do it. You just might need those shoes, or shirts or pants. Life is fun and you never know what will happen.

Remember our family motto continues to be “It’s Always A Story With The Henderson’s.”

Blessings and giggles,


In the quiet morning… or afternoon…


One of my favorite childhood memories is that of going to visit people. My parents and I visited relatives and friends and enjoyed sharing chats and laughter. There was always one thing from those visits that stayed in my memory . I noticed that a lot of the older people always had a home of “quiet”.

By “quiet”, I mean that there were no t.v.’s blaring, or cell phones ringing, or computers chirping with the local weather update. In almost every home, the sounds were peaceful and fulfilling. The tick tock of the clock on the mantle, the birds chirping at the bird feeder outside the window, and occasionally a timer waiting to buzz to let us know the cookies or cake were done.

I remember walking into homes and sitting on soft couches, filled with huge decorative pillows(some handmade) and often, a beautiful crocheted or knitted afghan(some handmade) lay across the back of the couch. These items welcomed everyone to sit down and have some quiet and rest.

Interesting thing is…. the older I am, the more I appreciate the “quiet”. Oh, yes, everyone who knows me knows that I love to laugh out loud and I do enjoy the “loud” times. In fact, I often cause the “loud” times. 🙂 Yet, the “quiet” of my surroundings is really affecting me lately.

During the quiet of the morning or afternoon…. I listen to rain tapping on the roof, I hear the birds singing songs, I hear the laughter and voices of children and families playing outside or taking walks together, the sounds of the house settling in different weather, the  sound of a passing siren(which gives me an opportunity to pray for whoever needs help and also, for the rescue people) and so much more.

Most important is that the “quiet” gives me the wonderful, amazing opportunity to listen for God’s Word for me. He is always ready to listen to my prayers and in the “quiet”, I am ready to listen to Him. I am amazed at all He reveals to me during these precious times. He gives His love during the “quiet” and the “loud” times. We need to be prepared to listen.

Enjoy your day and notice what you hear and/or see during those “quiet” times. Is God sending you a special thought or message? What is one of your favorite “quiet” moments?

Have a blessed day,