Noodle directions…..


Hubby and I decided to have a delicious home cooked meal on Saturday evening. After a day of grocery shopping, electronic recycling and cleaning house, we chose to prepare baked pasta and a nice healthy salad for our dinner.

We were so proud of ourselves as we worked together, side by side, in our tiny kitchen, preparing this meal. The grocery store was out of our regular pasta, so, hubby had bought some of that “No boil” pasta. Yes, there was an “issue”.

Pouring the penne noodles out of the box, filling the dish with sauce, sprinkling on a bit of parmesan cheese and mozzarella cheese, we were so proud of ourselves. What a fancy dinner we would enjoy!

Strange thing is that neither one of us read the directions for the “no boil” pasta. Seems we had forgotten a very important part of the dish. ADD WATER.

“No boil” meant “No boil”, not “Don’t add water.” Silly us.

No wonder the noodles were so crunchy. Good thing we looked at each other and burst into laughter. We knew we better read the directions this time and next time.

All was well. Water added, noodles cooked, baked pasta was delicious.

Yes, folks, “It’s Always a Story with the Henderson’s” heehee

Blessings and giggles,





Lonesome Whistle of the Train


Fog everywhere this morning. After a day and night of rain and chilly temperatures, we wake to 46 degrees and fog. Weather forecasters and news reporters are cautioning people to be careful on the roads. “Watch for the thick fog out there. Drive slower, turn on your lights. Stay alert.” Every station gives similar warnings.

Turning off the t.v. and radio, I sit and listen. Closing my eyes, I am aware of sounds inside and outside. The refrigerator making ice cubes and the heater turning off are the sounds inside the house.

Vehicles driving by, the chirping of black cap chickadees looking for morning seed, the low conversation of a man and woman chatting as they enjoy their daily walk are a few of the outside sounds I notice.

Then, a low rumble begins. I love this sound. I know what is coming. The train. My family loves trains. Here it comes now. Slow and steady, the rumble of the coal cars passing through town cause me to pause and enjoy the sound. Where is the train going? Who are the engineers?

My favorite part of the train has always been the caboose. But, trains don’t have the caboose anymore. No more little red caboose. We have to travel to a museum or take a scenic train ride to see the caboose in action.

There it is again……. the low rumble and finally, long, long, short, long…… the lonesome whistle of the train. That long, long, short, long means the train is approaching an intersection. The gates are down, the red lights are flashing and the vehicles are lined up waiting for the train to pass.

The lonesome whistle of the train…. a sound that I enjoy. Yes, the whistle does sound lonesome as it echoes throughout the neighborhood. Somehow, that whistle reminds me to slow down and enjoy the moment.

If you ever have to wait for a train to pass by, enjoy that time to pause and listen to the whistle. Remember that God has you there at that particular moment for a reason. Pause and enjoy the sound of the lonesome whistle of the train.

Have a blessed day,


Breakfast Buddies


“Would you all like to meet for breakfast?” “Is anyone available on Wednesday?” “How about Friday?”

This is a conversation that happens frequently between a group of my friends. We love to enjoy sharing a meal together and having fun, fellowship and laughter. Finding a time when we can all meet is sometimes difficult. Life is busy and each person has their own daily activities.

However, when two or more of us find a day and a time that works, we say, “Yes, let’s meet.”

With location, day and time arranged, excitement builds as we look forward to being together. We miss those friends who can’t be there and let them know we missed them.

Sometimes we sit at the table for an hour and sometimes two hours. Most of the time, we are blessed with sweet, understanding servers and we are thankful.

No matter how many times we meet in a month, there is always plenty to discuss. We share prayer concerns, health issues, praises, joys and lots of laughter. A prayer is spoken at the beginning of the meal, thanking God for these friends and the food He provides.

This group of ladies has blessed me in more ways than they will ever know. Their listening ears, kind hearts, encouragement and understanding nods and smiles show compassion and love. I hope they enjoy the “breakfast buddies” outings as much as I do.

Is there someone you can contact and arrange to share a meal or a visit? You will be blessed and you will be a blessing to them. 🙂