3 Chirps don’t equal a beep…

I am thankful for smoke alarms.

After changing batteries and STILL being annoyed by constant beep, Alan and I decided to research the cause. We learned there is a difference between beeping and chirping when it comes to smoke alarms!

Interesting to learn that 3 chirps meant our alarm was beyond use and needed to be replaced. Yes, I am thankful for websites that give information to people like me who have no clue why their alarm just won’t be quiet.

So, if your smoke alarm gives 3 chirps after you change the battery, its time for a new smoke alarm! Don’t delay. Get a new one now. 🙂

This leads me to our next story in the life of the Henderson family. Since we had just experienced the smoke alarm situation at home, imagine our surprise when the alarm sounded at the hotel we were staying in during a recent trip. After an exhausting day of travel, we settled in for the night and after about 30 minutes of sleep, an alarm blared through the hotel. Being exhausted makes us do silly things. For example, my sweet husband jumped out of bed and reached for the smoke alarm in our room, thinking we were at home and it was malfunctioning again!

The sight was truly funny as I watched this sweet man in his underwear trying to find the alarm before realizing we weren’t at home.

After remembering we were in a hotel room, Alan quickly reached for shorts and a shirt. My pajamas looked good enough to wear outside, so we grabbed our other essentials like my purse and his wallet.

I opened the hotel room door to find other guests in the hallway, filing down the stairs. Everyone had a bewildered look, somewhere between fear and grumpiness.

The hotel guests gathered outside in the parking lot. No one knew what was happening. We waited for a fire truck or someone to let us know it was safe to go back inside.

Time passed and finally we noticed everyone filing back inside. Seems someone wanted to have some fun (fun for them) and pulled an alarm. The blessing is there was no real fire.

Alan and I were thankful there was no danger. As we settled down for sleep, we started laughing at the whole experience. Alarm sounds, we jump out of bed, make sure we have on appropriate clothing before heading out the door to follow the directions on the back of every hotel room door. In case of emergency, use the stairs.

Each day our family motto rings true… “Its Always a Story with the Hendersons”.

Blessings and giggles, and check your smoke alarms,


“Mimi” has a whole new meaning…..


Monday,  July 24, 2017 is a very special day. Our first grand child was born. He arrived 3 weeks early and he is perfect in every way.

Both of my sisters have grandchildren and shared how Alan and I would experience feelings of love beyond words for this new grand baby. The love my husband and I feel for this boy is as special as the love we feel for our son. Love beyond words.

The moment we saw this newborn baby boy, our world changed in wonderful ways. His face, his fingers, arms, legs, toes… even his cry is precious. Memories of when our son was born came in to our thoughts and tears of joy flowed on our cheeks.

Holding this new baby gave me a feeling of peace and comfort. I began to think of all the wonderful people who love him and will have important roles in his life. Blessings from God.

We have prayed for this child, his Daddy, his Mommy and the whole family. We pray that he will have the desire to know God and to show God’s love to others. We pray for good health for the whole family. Most of all, we give thanks to God for the precious blessing of this child. Thank You God. Your love endures forever.

Another special blessing is watching our son and daughter-in-love shower their new child with love that only a parent can give. The natural instinct both of them have to be parents is truly heartwarming to see. From the moment of his birth, this child was shown true love and devotion by his parents. Seeing our son and his wife loving their child is a truly amazing experience. Alan and I are so very proud of them.

I have been called “Mimi” by my family for a few years now. And, I will continue to be called “Mimi” unless this dear child wants to give me another name. 🙂 As for right now,
“Mimi” has a whole new meaning and I love the new meaning….. Grandmother.

Have a blessed week,