Moving gives opportunities to show God’s love…

God answers prayers and this time He has answered our prayers fast. Alan and I prayed for wisdom, discernment and revelation about moving to South Carolina.  We asked God if we were making the right decision about moving. We prayed for a job for Alan, prayed for the house in VA to be purchased by someone God had chosen for the home, prayed for us to remember to show God’s love wherever we live. Prayers, prayers and more prayers.

Yes, God answered. A contract was put on the house in VA, Alan has a new job in SC, and the movers arrived and loaded the truck. All of those exciting events happened within a couple of weeks. Thank You God.

I must admit that moving has been stressful. Alan hurt his back moving too many boxes. We visited the local DMV 5 times. Each time, they asked for more information. I had to find our marriage certificate to prove why I changed my last name 38 years ago.

Each time we have encountered an obstacle with the move, God has provided a solution. We visited with the armed guards at the DMV and made them smile. We greeted everyone with smiles and a warm hello. Amidst taking care of the “to do” list, we were able to show God’s love and glory, even while we were frustrated.

The neighbors are very friendly and the area is filled with people of all ages. A sweet new friend brought delicious food for us. Bicycles, golf carts, people walking and jogging, parents with baby strollers and plenty of birds singing sweet songs. We’ll talk about the alligators another time. 🙂

Yet, while checking off the list, a most wonderful thought keeps coming into our minds. We are here to be with Mike, Christine and baby Rowan. Beautiful blessings. Already we can see them often and know they are close by.  We are full of joy knowing we will be sharing in Rowan’s life.  A true blessing.

God has a plan for us and we are thankful He knows the plan.

Have you had a stressful time moving? What helped you during that time?

Blessings from beautiful South Carolina,

Yes, he smiled……

Baby Rowan is growing quickly. He is healthy and beautiful. Alan and I are blessed by watching Mike and Christine show love to their child. They are naturals at parenting.

Many wonderful “first time” events occur with a baby. The first coo, the first cry, the first diaper change, the first bath, the first outing and so much more.

One of the most precious sights is when you see that sweet baby look into your eyes and then, he smiles. People may say “Oh, that’s not a smile. That is gas.” Yet as a parent and a grandparent, when the baby looks into your eyes and makes those first facial movements, a smile is a smile. The whole world becomes happier when babies smile.

Rowan is beginning to show his personality with his sounds and expressions. As his “Mimi”, I know when I see a smile and his is the most beautiful smile in the world.

So when you see a baby, remember God has created this precious blessing and be sure to “smile”.

Have a wonderful day!

Blessings and forever smiles,