When the exercise wristband was wrong…

Mount Pleasant SC has many beautiful and scenic places to walk and enjoy nature. From shaded neighborhood paths to golden sandy beaches to local parks, a leisure walk can soothe the soul.

Wrapped around my left wrist, I wear one of those marvelous bands that keeps track of water intake, steps walked, sleep or dormant time and weight loss. How exciting to know this device can help keep me on track!

Well, I will be on track if I follow the correct procedure. Drinking a certain amount of water each day, walking a certain amount of steps and eating the correct amount of food.

I enjoy using this wristband device and especially like when the band “buzzes” to let me know a task has been completed. Although, I usually jump when the buzz occurs as I am not expecting to have met the goal yet.

Recently, deciding to update the information on the app, I started changing certain goals, etc. in order to reach for higher achievements.

Immediately, an email came through on my phone and computer. Evidently, I had pushed the wrong button.

“Congratulations!! You have lost 140 lb.s!! Here are badges to put on your social media to let everyone know your accomplishment!!”

OH, NO!!! I didn’t lose 140 lbs.!! I am overweight but if I lost that much weight, there would only be a fraction of me left.

Panicking, I wondered if these “Way to go” badges would show up on my social media pages. If people saw I had lost 140 lbs, they might be worried about me.

Losing weight is one of my goals, but not that much weight. From this moment on, whenever I want to update my health wristband, I will ask for help from someone with expertise in that area.

If you ever receive a message from your health wristband congratulating you on the great accomplishment, think of me and laugh.

Here’s to healthy living! May our thoughts and actions glorify God every day!

Have a blessed day, full of fun and joyful laughter… and exercise,

36 thoughts on “When the exercise wristband was wrong…

  1. OH funny! I used one of those for a while and then I’m not sure what happened to it! I didn’t lose 140 lbs!! 😉


  2. How funny! But I can imagine why you worried what might post to social media from your wrist bracelet. Surely followers would know that was a glitch. Thanks for sharing and bringing a smile to my face this morning. And keep walking. 🙂

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  3. Melissa, I just got an email from these people saying you had lost 140 pounds!! Just kidding. I love your funny stories and always look forward to a new post. I need to get my hands on one of those gadgets. I don’t need to lose 140 pounds either, but a good 15 would be nice! Keep up the good work.

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  4. That is so funny! I don’t know how to adjust mine. When the time changed I just remembered to add an hour all winter when I read it. 🙂 I don’t know if it is able to record how much water I drink. That’s pretty amazing.


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