HHT and LLT…

A leisurely drive along Rt. 41 provides opportunity to view picturesque ponds, creeks and low lying areas where water ebbs and flows. I’ve always been fascinated with the tide. The coming in and going out of the water is a marvelous mystery. Whether the water is moving slowly or fast paced, each ripple or wave is unique in movement.

To my surprise, I recently learned something new about tides. My new found knowledge came with laughter, of course.

Alan and I have a pocket sized booklet listing times of the changing tides. Morning, afternoon, evening and night time tides are all listed by day and time. Very good information, especially for someone new to the area.

Just when I thought there was no more to learn about tides, Alan decided to share something new.

Passing by one particular body of water that almost touched the pavement of the highway, I said, “Wow, look how high the tide is right now.”

Alan explained, “Oh, that means it’s High, High Tide. Later, there will be Low, Low Tide. You know. HHT and LLT.” He told me this without cracking a smile.

Yes, I believed him and quickly grabbed our little tide chart booklet to see how I could have missed this valuable information. I couldn’t wait to share with family that I had seen the HHT. My excitement over the HHT was uncontrollable. I was giggly and wiggly in my seat. Anxious to get home to contact family and friends to let them know the sight of the HHT is really something to behold.

Alas, my sweet hubby turned to me and said, “Dear, that’s not really a thing. I was kidding.”

Silly me. Yes, I fell for his little prank. I’m a trusting person. ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you seen the HHT or the LLT lately? God is orchestrating the movements of the water and His work is magnificent. Pause and enjoy the tides.



14 thoughts on “HHT and LLT…

  1. Did you show your husband this post? This is such a funny story. Love it. I’m gullible and trusting. I believe anything my husband tells me and yes, I have one of those guys, too, who comes up with those creative, made up stories. Thanks for another post that makes me smile.


  2. Even though I lived on the Bismark Sea I knew nothing about the tide. I loved seeing the rain coming from the ocean, waiting to feel the cool breeze that came before the rain, then the rain on our tin roof. While it rained it was great because we knew as soon as it stopped the dreaded humidity would be there, we also lived on the equator . Funny story.

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  3. As God Word is the Living Word I had to smile as I read your blog post this morning. I read Proverbs31’s post this morning, too, which is all about why plans don’t always go smoothly and the author shared a story of trying to paddle against a tide. I don’t believe in coincidence and I feel God is using the analogy of a tide and I need to pay attentionโ€“especially to HHTs and LLTs. My husband and I love to prank each other like this, too, but I will say my husband isn’t usually the one to tell me he is kidding. Usually, I have some awkward social moment where someone reveals to me that what I think I know is incorrect information. Then when I share my revelation with my husband, he cracks up terribly. Thank you, Hubby!

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  4. That’s funny. He seems like a great guy. I have seen some beautiful tides when I was in Great Britain. That’s amazing to watch the ocean there. Although a bit chilly.

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  5. I loved this story. ๐Ÿ™‚ You’ve gotta love a man who can make you laugh. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have family in Hawaii, so I love watching the tide come in and roll out. I know very little about the tide in general, though. How fun to live in a place where you can watch and learn about this aspect of God’s creation!

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