A blueberry giggle….


Some days the Lord gives me the silliest experiences. He knows how much I love to laugh, and He sends me plenty of reasons to laugh out loud.

Yesterday, after purchasing blueberries, bringing them home, rinsing them under cool water and preparing to pat dry them with a paper towel, I decided to taste one or two of the delicious fruit. The sweet taste of a good plump blueberry was more than I could resist.

Ahh…. picking up a couple of berries and preparing to pop them in my mouth, all of a sudden, one of those cute little blueberries jumped right out of my hand and went flying through the air. OH, NO!!! Where did it go?

“Nobody move!” I shouted as I stood spread eagle in a secret agent position (or what I think that might look like) by the kitchen counter. There was just my hubby and me in the house and he wasn’t even in the kitchen. I wonder who was listening to my bold orders.   Knowing that if my feet moved, I might actually step on the blueberry and squish it, making the bottom of my shoes blue and possibly staining the floor.

Oh, the dilemma. Whatever shall happen? Where did that little berry land? Our kitchen is small so it could not have traveled far.

Slowly, inch by inch, I crept and ALL OF A SUDDEN….

The lonely blueberry fell out of the vest I was wearing over my turtleneck sweater. Evidently it had traveled a path down inside my vest and when I stood straight up, the berry escaped.

Crisis averted. No stain on the shoes, floor, or my shirt. I am a happy lady.

Thank you Lord, for giving me the giggles every day. Have you laughed today?

Blessings, giggles and love,

8 thoughts on “A blueberry giggle….

  1. I was sitting down eating breakfast – a bowl of cereal with lots of blueberries – when I read your article this morning. Gave me a laugh too. The Bible study our God-Living Girls with Chronic Illness is currently doing had a focus this week on keeping a sense of humor in the midst of health problems, so the timing was perfect. Plan to share this cute story with our group today.

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  2. Wow… I too love blueberries like anything! They are there in my village… Lots and lots of trees. We eat buckets of blueberries(all my cousins) and get scolded too😉 but I guess it’s worth it, right?😊

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