Hand holding…even after 37 years


Alan and I like to take walks together. Sometimes we walk around the block, sometimes we walk farther around the neighborhood. Whenever you see us walking together, we will most likely be holding hands.

This all started on our first date and now, we have been married for over 37 years. Our first date was a trip to the movies. Of course, Alan didn’t pick a nice romantic movie. He picked a wild, rough, cowboy western. Honestly, I don’t think he knew what the movie was about. He just knew that a famous actor was the star and he thought that guy was cool.

So, there we sat, in the theater in the dark and the movie trailers began. He reached over and grabbed my hand. We held hands during the whole movie. Yes, we both were nervous as that was our first date. Yes, we both ended up with “sweaty hands”. That didn’t stop us. We both knew we were sweaty, but, what do you do when you are on your first date? No one was going to be the one to pull away and say, “Gross… your hands are sweaty.”

True love blossomed. We watched the entire movie holding hands and even today, we hold hands. We hold hands while walking in the neighborhood, while walking in the stores, while praying…. and sometimes just because we want to hold hands. Sweaty or not, we love to hold hands.

People we know and people who are total strangers to us have commented how sweet it is to see a couple holding hands. Love, love, love…..

Have you held hands with your loved one lately?

Have you thought about how God is always holding your hand? He gives comfort and love by holding us in every moment. What a wonderful gift!

Isaiah 41:13 – “For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand: it is I who say to you “Do not fear, I will help you.” NRSV

Blessings and hand holding…..




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