“Age is just a number…… “


Recently,  as Alan and I were walking to the entrance of the grocery store,  we noticed the familiar red  bucket and person ringing the bell, at the front of the store. As I have written in a previous blog post, we always hold hands, so as Alan took his other hand and reached in his pocket to get out a donation for the red bucket… IT happened.

As Alan dropped the donation into the red bucket, the nice man looked at us and said, “You two are the second elderly couple that I have seen holding hands today.”

Shocked, we looked at each other, stopped in our steps and said, “How old do you think we are?” Good thing we have a sense of humor. You see, I am 56 and Alan is 58. Not elderly.

The man looked so embarrassed and really didn’t know what to say. We laughed and he laughed. Of course, we had to keep chatting about the incident.

We are blessed to remember that “age is just a number”.  So, if you see us and you think we are older, that is okay. Our hair is thinning and gray.

Yet, even if we look older, we will always be kids at heart. Kids who love to laugh at the simplest joys in life and find pleasure in simple everyday blessings from God.

Blessings of laughter, holding hands, meeting people in the parking lot at the grocery store, and things like me asking “Where are my reading glasses?” and realizing they are on the top of my head. Yes, the simple things in life.

It’s Always A Story with the Henderson’s

Have a blessed day and find something to laugh about,

Noodle directions…..


Hubby and I decided to have a delicious home cooked meal on Saturday evening. After a day of grocery shopping, electronic recycling and cleaning house, we chose to prepare baked pasta and a nice healthy salad for our dinner.

We were so proud of ourselves as we worked together, side by side, in our tiny kitchen, preparing this meal. The grocery store was out of our regular pasta, so, hubby had bought some of that “No boil” pasta. Yes, there was an “issue”.

Pouring the penne noodles out of the box, filling the dish with sauce, sprinkling on a bit of parmesan cheese and mozzarella cheese, we were so proud of ourselves. What a fancy dinner we would enjoy!

Strange thing is that neither one of us read the directions for the “no boil” pasta. Seems we had forgotten a very important part of the dish. ADD WATER.

“No boil” meant “No boil”, not “Don’t add water.” Silly us.

No wonder the noodles were so crunchy. Good thing we looked at each other and burst into laughter. We knew we better read the directions this time and next time.

All was well. Water added, noodles cooked, baked pasta was delicious.

Yes, folks, “It’s Always a Story with the Henderson’s” heehee

Blessings and giggles,




Lonesome Whistle of the Train


Fog everywhere this morning. After a day and night of rain and chilly temperatures, we wake to 46 degrees and fog. Weather forecasters and news reporters are cautioning people to be careful on the roads. “Watch for the thick fog out there. Drive slower, turn on your lights. Stay alert.” Every station gives similar warnings.

Turning off the t.v. and radio, I sit and listen. Closing my eyes, I am aware of sounds inside and outside. The refrigerator making ice cubes and the heater turning off are the sounds inside the house.

Vehicles driving by, the chirping of black cap chickadees looking for morning seed, the low conversation of a man and woman chatting as they enjoy their daily walk are a few of the outside sounds I notice.

Then, a low rumble begins. I love this sound. I know what is coming. The train. My family loves trains. Here it comes now. Slow and steady, the rumble of the coal cars passing through town cause me to pause and enjoy the sound. Where is the train going? Who are the engineers?

My favorite part of the train has always been the caboose. But, trains don’t have the caboose anymore. No more little red caboose. We have to travel to a museum or take a scenic train ride to see the caboose in action.

There it is again……. the low rumble and finally, long, long, short, long…… the lonesome whistle of the train. That long, long, short, long means the train is approaching an intersection. The gates are down, the red lights are flashing and the vehicles are lined up waiting for the train to pass.

The lonesome whistle of the train…. a sound that I enjoy. Yes, the whistle does sound lonesome as it echoes throughout the neighborhood. Somehow, that whistle reminds me to slow down and enjoy the moment.

If you ever have to wait for a train to pass by, enjoy that time to pause and listen to the whistle. Remember that God has you there at that particular moment for a reason. Pause and enjoy the sound of the lonesome whistle of the train.

Have a blessed day,


Breakfast Buddies


“Would you all like to meet for breakfast?” “Is anyone available on Wednesday?” “How about Friday?”

This is a conversation that happens frequently between a group of my friends. We love to enjoy sharing a meal together and having fun, fellowship and laughter. Finding a time when we can all meet is sometimes difficult. Life is busy and each person has their own daily activities.

However, when two or more of us find a day and a time that works, we say, “Yes, let’s meet.”

With location, day and time arranged, excitement builds as we look forward to being together. We miss those friends who can’t be there and let them know we missed them.

Sometimes we sit at the table for an hour and sometimes two hours. Most of the time, we are blessed with sweet, understanding servers and we are thankful.

No matter how many times we meet in a month, there is always plenty to discuss. We share prayer concerns, health issues, praises, joys and lots of laughter. A prayer is spoken at the beginning of the meal, thanking God for these friends and the food He provides.

This group of ladies has blessed me in more ways than they will ever know. Their listening ears, kind hearts, encouragement and understanding nods and smiles show compassion and love. I hope they enjoy the “breakfast buddies” outings as much as I do.

Is there someone you can contact and arrange to share a meal or a visit? You will be blessed and you will be a blessing to them. 🙂


Keep in touch….


Earlier this year, Alan and I decided to join a different church. We had visited this particular church and felt welcome. This change had come after many prayers, questions and discussions with each other and with friends and family. The decision was made to start attending the new church and get involved in activities and then, join the congregation. We are very pleased with our decision.

One of the main questions we discussed with each other was “How can we glorify God through attending a different church? How can we shine His light to others?” Seems like simple questions to some people, but, to us, this is serious business.

Alan and I both want to show God’s love in all we say and do. We want other people to know we love Christ and that Christ loves us and them, too.

Isn’t that the way God wants us to show love to each other? In our words and our actions, we can show His love each and every moment of the day. A smile, a friendly hello, a phone call, a letter, and in many other ways we can show His love.

One example is to keep in touch with friends at our former church. We know someone who always says, “A friend is a friend for life. We will keep in touch.” That friend is showing God’s love.

Think of ways that you can shine His light to others. Can you think of someone right now who might need love? Call that person, send a letter, or better yet, go visit them. 🙂

Have a wonderful day and yes, let’s “Keep in touch”

Matthew 5:14 “You are the light of the world.”




“Did you call the number….?”


Imagine the panic I felt realizing that my debit card was lost. I had made a purchase the night before and was sure I had placed the card back into my wallet. After searching my wallet, emptying my purse onto the bed and finding all sorts of “stuff”, but not my debit card, I raced around the house with lightning speed. Well… it felt like lightning speed to me.

Everything was in a blur. I don’t like to lose anything and this was an important item. Checking the clothes hamper, the pockets of the pants I wore the previous day, the desk, the dining room table, the floor, even checking places where I knew the card could never be, like inside a book, I finally took a deep breath and called my dear sweet husband at work.

“Alan, I can’t find my debit card anywhere. What will I do? Should I call and cancel the card? Do you remember where I left it? Do you know where it is?” I spoke so fast that he couldn’t get a word into the conversation.

Finally, after my fast, worried talking, I paused. Very calmly and quietly, Alan was able to speak to me.

“Dear, did you call the number on the back of the card? Wherever the card is, it will beep.” I was amazed at his calm in this situation.

In my state of panic, I did not realize that his question made no sense at all.

“Oh, can you really do that? I didn’t know about that.” I answered and was really impressed. For just a moment, a brief moment, I thought “Wow, that chip thing in the card is really cool. It does a lot.”

Then, with a flash of clarity, I realized Alan was kidding me and trying to make me laugh.
He began to chuckle and then, I began to laugh, too. Silly me. How could I call a number on the back of a card that I didn’t have? The card was still lost.

This is what happens when fear and panic set in and take over my thoughts. There was no need for panic. All I needed to do was stop and pray. Guess what? I found the debit card in the washing machine in the pocket of the pants I had worn the previous day. The card was washed and yes, it still works. Good thing it did not get placed in the dryer.

Whenever you are having a moment of worry, stop and pray. God is listening and sometimes, God even sends you giggles to help you become calm again.

I thank God for my silly husband. And…. yes, sometimes, I am just that gullible that I would believe I could call the number on the back of my debit card and it would beep.

Silly Mimi.

Have a blessed week,

8, yes, 8 pounds of sugar


What happens when I attend Bible Study one evening, and ask Alan to go to the grocery store and purchase the weekly “Buy 3 and get the lowest price” items? Yes, I end up with 8 pounds of sugar.:-)

I do like to use sugar in iced tea(I am a Southern girl), a teeny bit of sugar on my healthy cereal and yes, I use a bit of sugar in baking. Do I need 8 pounds of sugar at one time? No, I do not.

Last Saturday, I mentioned to Alan that we should take advantage of the great “Buy 3-get low prices” at the local store. He said, “We don’t need that many eggs or that much sugar or that much cheese.” Smiling, I replied to him that if we purchased one pack of eggs, one pack of cheese and one 4 lb. bag of sugar, we would really be saving money in the long run. He didn’t agree and so, I decided to go along with him, secretly knowing that since Tuesday is Senior day, we would get the items then and save even more money with our Senior discount.

Tuesday evening, he drove me to Bible Study and then he went to the store. There was even a list for him to follow. Sweet man, he tried so hard to get the correct items.

After class, as I sat down in the car, Alan asked me to please, please not send him to the store alone anymore. Funny thing is that he always goes to the store alone, when I am not feeling well. Sweet, sweet man.

He explained that he found most items on the list, but, the store was out of cheese. My first question was, “Dear, did you look for the nice display of cheese? ” Then, “Did you ask anyone for help?” No, he did not ask for help. Sweet, sweet man.

His response was that he went through the check out line, and while the cashier was ringing up the items, he noticed on the computer screen, that he was being charged full price for the eggs and sugar.

The nice cashier explained that the special was for buying 3 of certain items. After discussing with him about getting another package of eggs(Thank you, dear sweet husband, for not bringing home 36 eggs), the decision was made to get another 4 lb. bag of sugar. That would make 2 bags of sugar and 1 package of 18 eggs. Sounds like I need to do some baking, doesn’t it?

The line behind him grew longer, as the cashier asked another employee to get a bag of sugar. They must have thought something was wrong with this first bag, because after going to the “sugar” aisle, that person came back with one bag.  “No, no, we need two bags of sugar.”

Back to the “sugar” aisle, and back to the check out line, finally 2 bags of sugar.

Good thing Alan likes to chat with people, as the line grew longer as everyone waited for this sweet husband of mine to get his 3 items. 🙂

Alan is the sweetest husband. He didn’t really complain about the situation. He just requested that next time I have “special” items, that I would go to the store with him.

Now, I must use up that sugar. It won’t go bad, just knowing that 8 lbs of sugar is sitting in our kitchen, makes me feel the need to bake. haha!

We could have been grouchy about this little situation. Instead, God gave Alan and me a sense of humor and the ability to laugh at ourselves. We thank God for His humor and His love and mercy.

The next time something happens that could make you grouchy, just take a moment and pause and look for the joy in the situation and then, laugh out loud. You might just make someone else happy. And, if you need help finding something in the grocery store… just ask. It might prevent you from having 8 pounds of sugar on your kitchen counter.

Blessings and giggles, and baking,




Yes, you read that correctly. I am a “newbie” to writing. So, what exactly do I mean by that?  Well, I was introduced to the love of reading and writing by my parents. At a very young age, I watched both of them reading the newspaper, magazines and books. Sitting on the floor next to the recliner, my parents would hand me whatever they were reading. I soaked in the information like a sponge. They took me to the library each week. We visited the bookmobile in our neighborhood. There was always a love for reading in our home.

In elementary school, teachers blessed me with their love of stories, poetry and the art of writing fiction. One of my favorite things to do is to read a good book, and I read a LOT of books. I also enjoy writing reviews for books.

As my love of reading strengthened, the love of writing strengthened as well. I have written several children’s stories, but, have never pursued publishing them. Illustrations are needed and that is not my gift. God has another plan for me right now. I am writing my first inspirational fiction story. The writing process is definitely a learning experience and I am gleaning everything I can from Christian authors.

I am very thankful to the authors who are encouraging  and uplifting me while I attempt my first story. Where would I be without those precious prayers and words from family, friends and special author friends? The words of wisdom from authors are very important, as they have been on this path already.

Also, other “newbie” writers are very encouraging. They know exactly how I feel. There are times of great inspiration and times that the page in front of me is empty. That is the time for many prayers.

My goal is to write stories that inspire and encourage people and show the love of God and His glory. My belief is that a story can be told and God’s message can shine through that story.

So, if we meet and I can’t stop smiling and asking you questions about reading and writing, please understand. I am so excited about writing that sometimes keeping my feet still is a hard thing to do. Dancing with joy! That’s me!

One day, I won’t be a “newbie” to writing. I thank God for all His blessings in the journey of writing.

Do you have something that you have put off pursuing? Maybe now is the time to ask God for His guidance with that special project. 🙂

Have a glorious September day,
Blessings and writing and reading forever,



Hand holding…even after 37 years


Alan and I like to take walks together. Sometimes we walk around the block, sometimes we walk farther around the neighborhood. Whenever you see us walking together, we will most likely be holding hands.

This all started on our first date and now, we have been married for over 37 years. Our first date was a trip to the movies. Of course, Alan didn’t pick a nice romantic movie. He picked a wild, rough, cowboy western. Honestly, I don’t think he knew what the movie was about. He just knew that a famous actor was the star and he thought that guy was cool.

So, there we sat, in the theater in the dark and the movie trailers began. He reached over and grabbed my hand. We held hands during the whole movie. Yes, we both were nervous as that was our first date. Yes, we both ended up with “sweaty hands”. That didn’t stop us. We both knew we were sweaty, but, what do you do when you are on your first date? No one was going to be the one to pull away and say, “Gross… your hands are sweaty.”

True love blossomed. We watched the entire movie holding hands and even today, we hold hands. We hold hands while walking in the neighborhood, while walking in the stores, while praying…. and sometimes just because we want to hold hands. Sweaty or not, we love to hold hands.

People we know and people who are total strangers to us have commented how sweet it is to see a couple holding hands. Love, love, love…..

Have you held hands with your loved one lately?

Have you thought about how God is always holding your hand? He gives comfort and love by holding us in every moment. What a wonderful gift!

Isaiah 41:13 – “For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand: it is I who say to you “Do not fear, I will help you.” NRSV

Blessings and hand holding…..




Mouse batteries low….


Have you ever seen this notice on your computer screen? “Mouse batteries low”. I have been watching that little box on the right side of my computer screen for a couple of days now. I am trying to wait to change the batteries and hopefully  squeeze out the last bit of energy from these batteries.

This reminds me of day to day life. There are times when we exhaust ourselves and know that we need to rest, relax and refresh. But, we keep on going, trying to squeeze one more thing, activity, appointment, “to-do” item on our list, and thinking that we will feel better when all the “things” are done.

Not true. When we get that feeling that our batteries our low, our bodies are tired, our minds are exhausted…. God is sending us a message. He is telling us that we need to rest. We need to share time with Him. We need to stop, even if just for a moment. Everything that we think needs to be done right this minute, will definitely be there after we take time to breathe, rest and renew in God.

Can you take some moments today and just breathe and relax? Can you thank God for His blessings? Blessings like the flower in the photo above, the breeze in the trees, the laughter of children and adults, the food and drink you will enjoy today, the laundry waiting to be washed, the love of family and friends and so much more…. I know you have your own list. Relax and think about your blessings… and don’t let your “mouse batteries get too low”.

Matthew 11:28 New International Version
“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

Blessings, and rest….