Is your mailbox full or empty?…

Confession… I love receiving mail. Yes, the gentle roar of the mail truck engine as the letter carrier presses on the gas pedal causes me to smile. The truck arrives at a different time each day. Yes, I have shared my love for mail previously. πŸ™‚

Monday thru Saturday and even sometimes on Sunday, I hear the mail truck before I see it. Β An exhilarating feeling comes over me when I hear that sound. Those times when I am away from home during the day, upon returning and as our car turns onto our street, I check the neighborhood mailboxes to see if any red flags are still standing on the boxes.

“No, the mail hasn’t arrived yet.” or “Oh, good, the mail has already been delivered. Wonder what we have in the box?” A normal conversation.

Some days, the box is full of books and letters, and of course, bills. Other days, there may be an advertisement or the box may be empty.

An empty mailbox reminds me of an empty heart. In order for us to show love to others, we have to fill ourselves with God’s love and His Word. In order for the mailbox to have items inside, there has to be effort to fill the box.

I recently joined a group that sends cards to seniors. Β I don’t know any of the people receiving the cards I send and that is okay. Saying a prayer for the person and mailing a card makes me happy.

Today, take time to read God’s Word and fill your heart with His love. Also, take a few moments and send a note of encouragement or a thinking of you card to someone and let them know you care. Show God’s love through the mailbox.

Remember, there is someone out there just waiting for the sound of the mail truck.

Have a blessed day,




54 thoughts on “Is your mailbox full or empty?…

  1. I know what you mean about hearing the mailman go past our house. Sending cards and letters has become such a lost art. I wish I could say I write letters but everything is now done electronically and it is not the same.

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    • Vickie, I remember how much my parents enjoyed receiving mail when they were living. They lived in a small town and the letter carrier would knock on the door and come in the house and sit for a visit every day. Very special. Have a great week! Yes, God’s love is in my heart. πŸ™‚


  2. I may be a young generation that is supposed to adapt. (I’m 42,) But I still love to write the odd letter or card, as well as receive. It’s true as already mentioned, that there is something special to the feel of paper and reading a letter. My mailbox of this kind is rare.

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  3. I am and will always be a letter writer and someone who sends cards. Before my 93 year-old aunt went into a nursing home, I sent her a greeting card each week. Now, since her eyesight is failing, I call her every day at 5:00 p.m. She says she sits by the phone waiting. ❀

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  4. I agree, Mimi, the whirr of the mail truck always sparks delight in my soul. No matter if it’s an item I’ve ordered or a surprise envelope to tear open–it’s always the highlight of my day! Wishing you a blessed day full of bright sunshine and an overflowing mailbox! xoxo

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  5. I love getting mail too, but there is typically so many pieces of junk mail that I have lost my “excitement” in visiting my box. I think there is an analogy for sin in there when we let it creep into our lives, it becomes more difficult to open Gods word! πŸ™‚

    I really enjoyed this post Melissa. The Bible is Gods love letter to us. We should be excited about reading and sharing it with others!


  6. I am always looking forward to mail coming. Sometimes I am waiting on an order. Other times, I’m just excited to see what’s in there although most times it is nothing excited. My mentor trades all kinda of cards and goodies via snail mail. She’s always posting about what she received and how it changed her outlook on any given day. So lovely to see a community of people still dedicated to make another person’s day!! Check her out. Love her to pieces:

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    • Isn’t life interesting? So many of us enjoy receiving mail. I just placed a bunch of cards in our box to be delivered to friends and strangers. πŸ™‚ Love how your mentor loves mail, too. Have a blessed week!

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    • Boma, yes, I hope and pray we can all fill our lives with God’s love and then, share that love with others. Mailing a note is one way to show His love. Have a blessed week! πŸ™‚


  7. I love to hear the mail truck in my neighborhood and I always look forward to going to the mailbox to see what is inside! It is mostly junk mail, but once in a while I will receive an actual letter and it absolutely makes my day! You have such a special way of writing as you include our Heavenly Father in the most delightful of ways!

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  8. “There has to be effort to fill the box.” So true. I love the idea of sending cards to seniors. What a wonderful ministry, to delight someone’s day that way. When we fill someone else’s box we are receiving the blessing too, of giving as God intended.

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  9. I love receiving snail mail. I think it’s such a lost art today. Emails and Facebook messages are lovely, but nothing means more to me than getting a card in the post.
    I enjoy creating cards and writing notes to people to encourage them. I find it a blessing to bless others. I like to fill other people’s boxes so they can be encouraged and know they are loved. πŸ™‚

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  10. I had begun sending birthday and anniversary cards to my cousins and their spouses as a way to start a card ministry. Then my husband passed away in June of last year, and like many things in my life the card ministry fell to the side. I am about ready to start it up again, and you have encouraged me to do so. πŸ™‚

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  11. Great analogy!
    I remember my Mom and Dad LIVED for the mail. They couldn’t stand it if it was a minute late, and when it was they would always say, “Well, today we have a substitute postman!” I sometimes suspected they planned everything they did around the delivery so they wouldn’t miss it!

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    • Oh my goodness! That sounds like me! haha! I can always tell when we have a substitute because of the amount of mail or the type. Most times, if we just get advertisements, there is a sub. haha! I love the mail! Have a blessed week! πŸ™‚

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      • I remember once my father-in-law told me he loved calls from my husband, but there was nothing like a letter in hand. Letters could be reread over and over, he said, whereas calls faded from memory. I realized then, how true it was and why we enjoyed letters so much!
        You have a blessed week, too!

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  12. We are the same way about mail. Sometimes, we’ve been known to drop something in the mail addressed to someone else in the hosuehold, just so they can feel that joy of getting mail. I always encourage our leaders too send handwritten cards, because it is so special. ❀

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  13. What an incredibly sweet post! I love it! I love receiving mail also! And I love how you are blessing others with sweet greeting cards. People you don’t even know. But God does and He is surely encouraging them through you! Bless you sweet sister! ❀

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    • Donna, thank you so much for reading and commenting. Today, I received a sweet, sweet card from a dear friend. I was so happy standing at the mailbox, under my umbrella in the pouring rain, looking at the card. πŸ™‚ I mailed some cards to seniors today. Have a blessed weekend!

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  14. Thank you so much for posting this on my Facebook question of physical or email? I am a physical gal myself. I’ve always had a love for physical mail. Since I was in elementary I’ve had pen pals off & on. I recently did a YouTube video about pen pals & stationery. I have a pen pal Facebook group called Shine HIS light if anyone is interested. Years ago, I even did a “send Saturday mail” series. It was during a time the postal service was talking about not delivering on Saturdays. I am pretty sure I fixed that! Ha. Again thanks for sharing this post with me. Enjoyed it!

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