“Honey, I found the missing sock…”

How in the world do I lose socks? There are only two of us in this house and the house is not large. Yet, every now and then, I lose a sock or two. Somehow, somewhere in the midst of sorting clothes and washing and drying them, a lone sock disappears.

One of Alan’s gray socks has been missing for 3 days. I have searched high and low, in the laundry basket, beside the washer, under the bed… anywhere the gray sock might be hiding.

This evening, as I sat in my desk chair upstairs while looking at emails, etc., Alan shouted from downstairs, “Honey, I found the missing sock!”.

“Really? Wonderful. Where was it? Where did you find that sock?”

He replied confidently with a voice sounding like he had found a missing treasure. “When I straightened the blanket on the bed, the sock fell on the floor.” He was so proud of himself for finding the missing item.

All was great until I realized the sock he found was the one that is not missing. The sock he found was the other one waiting for it’s mate. I had placed the sock on the bed in hopes of finding the missing one today.

Oh, well… the search continues for the missing gray sock. I guess we’ll find it one day. Probably when we least expect, the sock will fall out of a sweater sleeve or pants leg or who knows, might be found in a completely unique place.

Good thing Alan has other pairs of socks. πŸ™‚

Have you ever lost a sock or two?
Have a blessed weekend and be sure to giggle,

27 thoughts on ““Honey, I found the missing sock…”

  1. Single socks come out of our dryer all the times and I’m always perplexed because I know a complete pair went in! And you know we have a lot of socks in our house with 5 people!

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    • That is so funny! There are a lot of socks at your house. πŸ™‚ Wonder what happens to the missing socks? haha! Have a great weekend! Stay warm and safe in all the wind.


  2. I’m giggling, Mimi! We think there is a monster in the washer or dryer that likes to eat socks! I guess we look at the single sock as a new rag! LOL!

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  3. Melissa, missing socks are one of those things in life that can never be explained. I tend to say it’s like Murphy’s Law, yet it isn’t. Items frequently disappear with no explanation. I’m afraid we’ll never know why.

    Though that was a bit tongue in cheek, it really is true.

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  4. I often find the missing sock inside of a pant leg. Funny thing, I wrote about this on my blog several years ago. In the post, I’d included a photo of a single sock. Do you know, even now that photo of the sock gets clicked on a couple times a month…very strange! I suppose people are curious about missing socks. πŸ™‚

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  5. I am always searching for lost socks and other pieces of clothing. I think I have a clothing “bandit!” Either that or an extremely HUNGRY washer or dryer!
    BTW, you are braver than I where Tick Tock’s brother is concerned-I would be running for the hills, even though I can’t run!!

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