Messages…just when you need them…

February arrives with special memories for our family.  February 12th was Mama’s birthday and February 15th, 2005 was my breast cancer diagnosis. There are birthdays, holidays and other opportunities to celebrate and remember during this month.

Someone shared with me how cardinals in your yard signify loved ones who have passed on are thinking of you. Do I believe that thought? I know I love to see the beautiful cardinals. I know this year on February 12th, Mama’s birthday, our yard was filled with the most beautiful male and female cardinals. Mama loved to watch birds. The colors and songs always amazed her. Mama went to Heaven on February 5, 2013.

Then, on February 15th this year (my 13 years breast cancer survivor anniversary), while sitting at my writing desk, something majestic caused me to look out the front window toward the pond across the street. Perched in a tall pine tree sat a beautiful bald eagle. As crows squawked and tried to get the bald eagle to leave their area, this magnificent bird stayed still on a limb and was not bothered by the other birds at all.

Daddy loved bald eagles. Their shape, color, size and boldness brings thoughts of bravery  and devotion. Daddy went to Heaven on Easter Sunday, 1998. Do I believe the thought of a bald eagle showing up in our neighborhood to be a message?

I do believe God sends us messages just when we need them. God can send a group of cardinals or a majestic bald eagle to remind us of the love of family and most important, the love He has for us.

Truly, I am thankful to be still and prepare for His blessings.

I pray you find messages today, messages from God. I pray you are reminded you are loved and cherished.

Thank You, God, for messages…. just when we need them.

Have a blessed weekend,


22 thoughts on “Messages…just when you need them…

  1. so glad to hear that your cancer free for so long. To see signs that remind us of family is always so comforting. It’s like he told you to look in the tree. Have a great Sunday

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  2. Lovely story of God’s goodness and love, Mimi. I can add one of mine…my grandmother adored flowers and had beautiful gardens around her home. After she died, one of her favorite kinds, planted only in her gardens, suddenly bloomed in my mother’s flower bed. Impossible! So we always thought it must have been a sign from heaven, as there’s no other logical explanation.

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  3. Such a nice post and so happy you are celebrating life as a breast cancer survivor! A couple of weeks ago, I received some upsetting news. I decided to step outside and noticed my yard had several cardinals flitting about. Three in particular caught my eye as they quietly sat on the branches of a near by tree. As silly as it may sound, I found comfort in those three birds. Perhaps they represented my deceased brother and parents letting me know things will be alright as they sat there until I went back inside. As you stated, “Thank you God, for messages…just as we need them.” Thanks for the post and the reminder.

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  4. Melissa, I’m reading a book right now called Heaven by Randy Alcorn. He was the key note speaker last year at the ACFW conference and a well respected theologian and author. He shows from scripture how he believes our loved ones who’ve gone before us can see us and even pray for us. I’m still formulating my opinions on this, but it’s a book worth reading.

    Blessings and thank you for this lovely post.

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    • Thank you June. I have read Heaven by Randy Alcorn. I read the book a while back and should probably read it again. Another message came today, in a surprise photo, from a cousin. A photo of my Daddy and one of his nephews. I cried when I opened the letter and saw the photo. I miss my Daddy and my Mama very much. I am thankful to my cousin who sent the photo.

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  5. Isn’t it beautiful how God speaks to us in ways we can understand? And how winged creatures can remind us of our loved ones in heaven — as if their souls have taken flight. (Visiting from the FB group ChristianBook.)

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  6. Yes absolutely! God speaks to our hearts in many ways… dreams visions, His word, prophecy, preaching, teaching, and of course through other people like yourself. Also speaks to us through HIs creation. Every time we see a rainbow, it reminds us that God will never destroy the earth by a flood again.

    I remember one time when we had some friends from Kansas staying with us. The husband was really hoping to see a moose. We have never seen a moose from our home, but the very next morning a giant bull moose with a huge rack walked right through our backyard. You can imagine how special and loved our friend felt that this was done just for him. And we felt special that we got to be part of it.


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  7. Hi Melissa,
    I enjoyed reading your blog post “Messages…just when you need them…”

    My first thought while reading your blog post was this:

    We live in a culture where we forget quickly and spend much time worrying about the future.
    Sometimes it’s a good idea to remember those who are the reason we’re here today, even though they may not be among us anymore.

    I came to think of this because of what you wrote about your mother and your father.

    Thank you for this reminder, Melissa and God bless you and your work!

    Edna Davidsen

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