Sweetheart…are you cold?….

The state of Virginia experiences all four seasons. Cool Spring, hot Summer, chilly Autumn and cold Winter. Seasons are different in South Carolina. Alan and I are learning how different the temperatures can range in the Palmetto state.

November 7th arrived and we noticed people wearing colorful shorts and swimsuits. Children playing outside were sweating from the warmth and energy being exerted while riding bicycles. Cars being soaped and soaked in driveways made us think of summertime.

New friends have shared how temperatures won’t really change and get “cold” until January. Some folks even mentioned the cold will only last about a month. This is why we donated most of our winter clothing to charity before we moved from VA to SC.

Yet….we’ve been told we would become acclimated to the temperatures quickly. Β I didn’t believe that statement as I can definitely tell hot from cold.

I was wrong and admit my misconception about the SC weather. When we first moved here, I laughed seeing people wearing sweaters, coats and hats as the temperatures ranged from 60-65 degrees. Now, guess what? I am one of those people.

How quickly I adjusted to the “cold” in SC! This morning, temps are in the upper 50’s and the heater might be an option. πŸ™‚ Or better yet, I will find those few sweaters in the back of the closet and wrap up nice and cozy.

Funny thing is Alan has not adapted yet and he thinks the temperatures are terrific. I guess I am becoming a South Carolinian before him. haha!!

Lately, the same question repeats to Alan, “Sweetheart, are you cold?” That lets him know I am cold. Just a friendly little question. πŸ™‚

Life is great in SC. What’s the weather like in your area? Are you wearing a sweater or a swimsuit?

The Lord gives us beautiful seasons to enjoy. Β Each season is un. Β Pause and notice the glory of His wonders.

Have a blessed day and put on a sweater if you feel cold,

21 thoughts on “Sweetheart…are you cold?….

  1. Melissa, I agree. People do get acclimated to the various climates where they live. We’re like you. Temps in the 50’s and 60’s here in Alabama. I feel cold, but the funny thing is, every place I go still has the air conditioner on. In church, in Walmart. So I wear a sweater or jacket, mostly to keep warm when we go inside somewhere!

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  2. We are in the 50’s where I live in Oregon. I’m always amazed at how quickly my body acclimates to temperature. It’s sweater weather here and the heater has been running.
    I enjoyed your post.

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  3. Here in Ohio we had some 60 degree weather last week. It’s been in the 50’s this week, but today, the high is supposed to be 30 and windy! Brrrrrrr! So glad you are doing well and adjusting nicely! 😊

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  4. TEXAS–It’s cool enough for a sweater today, but not a coat. Dallas winters can be mostly warmish, but when it’s below 60, I’m definitely cold. And I have experienced some 0-20-something nights here, too. Just give me 100 degrees year round and I’m good!

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  5. I have always been cold and enjoyed hot weather growing up in Illinois. Now that I live in Florida, I wear pants and short sleeved shirts all year, and carry a cardigan with me most of the year. I love it! Usually there is only need to turn on the heat for a couple weeks each winter. Since my husband tends to get hot while I am cold, I have added a 2nd blanket to my side of the bed. I do this every fall/winter. I love being toasty warm under my covers. I also love the fall when I can put the flannel sheets on the bed! No need to be cold anymore.

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    • You and your husband sound like me and my husband. I put an extra blanket on my side of the bed last night. My husband stays warmer than me. πŸ™‚ Today is cold again in Mount Pleasant but supposed to warm up to 56 degrees.


  6. Many years ago, we lived in Surfside Beach in South Carolina. I have fond memories of our time there. I love the ocean, and I certainly enjoyed that. For my first teaching job, I remember buying a wool suit. I can tell you, I wore that suit quite a bit on ‘cold’ winter days. For the last thirty years, we have lived in Virginia. I do love this state, as I enjoy all the seasons here. Now and then, I think back to those ‘Carolina days’; every state has its own beauty, and South Carolina has a charm all its own.


    • I was born in Virginia. Lived all over Virginia and moved to SC in 2017. πŸ™‚ Hubby and I are still learning about SC. Enjoying living here near son, daughter-in-law and grand son. Have a blessed weekend!


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