Azaleas, tulips, daffodils and more…


Achoo!!! Achoo!!!! Just a moment. Here comes another one!! Achoo!!!!

Yes, the time of year has arrived when pollen is covering the cars, window screens and deck furniture. There is a foggy mist of yellow floating in the air. Spring is full of new life.

Azaleas begin to burst open with bright colors of red, purple and pink. Tulips are standing tall side by side each morning waiting to open and share their beautiful colors. Yellow daffodils pop up in flower beds and beckon to be picked to adorn a glass vase.

Wonderful signs of life and changing seasons. Thank You Lord.

Have you taken a walk lately? What change of season wonders have you noticed? I love the flowers. Such beauty.

Then, of course, this means the lizards are back climbing up and down the bricks on the front of the house and jaunting here and there on the back deck.  Sorry, but I don’t care for lizards. Maybe one day I won’t dislike them so much.

Achoo!!! Achoo!!! A few more sneezes. I hope I don’t accidentally wash any tissues in the washing machine. That makes a mess. Oh, well…. “It’s Always A Story With The Henderson’s”.

Blessings, Spring flowers and giggles,

17 thoughts on “Azaleas, tulips, daffodils and more…

  1. Melissa, you have such a sweet authorial voice. I agree, I don’t like lizards either. When we were in our house before we sold it, I had a lizard upstairs and killed it, but my friends at church said I should’ve put it outside.!! Love you azalea picture.

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  2. Autumm here (Fall…😊) one of my favourite seasons, the countryside is ablaze with colour in autumn, beautiful colours. Love your Azalea, gorgeous!! I have a few in my patio waiting for Spring. 😊

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  3. Flonase works wonders for those of us in the Valley of the Allergies–near Huntsville, Alabama. I found out that I’ve been taking it wrong for years. Rather than inhaling the stuff, sending it down the throat and out of my system, I found out that you squirt the stuff in your nose, so it stays where it belongs. Ohhhhhhhhhh….So that’s why my doc keeps prescribing it! 😉

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  4. Isn’t spring a wonderful time of year? I missed a lot of the flowers this year, but the green abounding is beautiful, too.
    Sorry about your allergies, I seem to suffer with them year round!

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