Lost mittens…..


January 1, 2017 and I have already lost something. Yes, I have lost a pair of mittens. Well, actually they are nice ladies gloves. I have several pairs of gloves. Some for casual wear and some more dressy times. I like to purchase gloves when they are on sale because, yes, there is always a need for gloves in the winter.

Yesterday, hubby and I made the usual trip to the grocery store, took down and put away  Christmas decorations and cleaned house. That was one day ago. Here I was thinking about how organized we are and feeling rather proud of our accomplishments.

Not so fast smarty pants!!! Where are my gloves? The soft and comfy ones that are always in the basket in the closet, ready for wear. They are nowhere to be found. A thorough investigation of the inside the house and the car have proven the gloves are really missing.

Now, why am I so concerned about this particular pair of gloves? Not that they are my best pair or that they were expensive. No, the problem is that I don’t like to lose things. I am a list maker and I didn’t feel the need to write where I left my gloves. So, the mystery remains a mystery.

Maybe those elusive gloves will reappear one day. That would be great!  But, if they never show up again, I will be okay. By telling myself to stop worrying and that I can’t control every little thing, the missing gloves are teaching me more than one lesson.

Lesson 1: Missing gloves are not the end of the world. I do have more gloves to wear.
Lesson 2: Stop trying to rush around and finish every little task in one day. Everything that isn’t completed today will still be here tomorrow.
Lesson 3: Always put the gloves back in the basket in the closet. That is why we put a basket in the closet. 🙂
Lesson 4: Remember God always finds ways to make me laugh and this is one of those times.

Have you ever lost something like gloves? Did you find them at a later time? God always has a message for us in each and every event in our lives, even with missing gloves. Are you listening for His message?

Happy New Year!
Blessings and giggles,

9 thoughts on “Lost mittens…..

  1. When we lived in Pennsylvania, we constantly had lost gloves (my family prefers them to mittens). Now we live in Texas where we don’t need them. The other day we were still unpacking items and came across lonely individual gloves.

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  2. I also hate to lose something—that includes my a thought I wanted to convey! Great lessons. I have to remind myself of lesson 1 many times!

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  3. We all find ourselves missing something at one time or another. And life hasn’t ended yet 🙂 God has a way of replacing those missing things…we may still miss the lost ones, but the joy we receive from what comes next can often be exactly what was needed. Look for the little blessing that is coming your way! …and thanks for the follow on creative faith! I look forward to being inspired with you

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