Breakfast Buddies


“Would you all like to meet for breakfast?” “Is anyone available on Wednesday?” “How about Friday?”

This is a conversation that happens frequently between a group of my friends. We love to enjoy sharing a meal together and having fun, fellowship and laughter. Finding a time when we can all meet is sometimes difficult. Life is busy and each person has their own daily activities.

However, when two or more of us find a day and a time that works, we say, “Yes, let’s meet.”

With location, day and time arranged, excitement builds as we look forward to being together. We miss those friends who can’t be there and let them know we missed them.

Sometimes we sit at the table for an hour and sometimes two hours. Most of the time, we are blessed with sweet, understanding servers and we are thankful.

No matter how many times we meet in a month, there is always plenty to discuss. We share prayer concerns, health issues, praises, joys and lots of laughter. A prayer is spoken at the beginning of the meal, thanking God for these friends and the food He provides.

This group of ladies has blessed me in more ways than they will ever know. Their listening ears, kind hearts, encouragement and understanding nods and smiles show compassion and love. I hope they enjoy the “breakfast buddies” outings as much as I do.

Is there someone you can contact and arrange to share a meal or a visit? You will be blessed and you will be a blessing to them. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Breakfast Buddies

  1. You are blessed Mimi. Friends are flowers in the garden of life. Serving as church planters as we do, here in Italy, can get pretty lonely sometimes. So the times we get to visit friends (in other parts of the nation), are among our greatest blessings. Maybe I’ll just become a fly on the wall and pretend I’m there with you! Have a great time!

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