Too hot…staying in…


What do you do when the temperature is 100 degrees with a heat index of 116 degrees ? There is hardly anyone moving outside. A few cars have been sighted riding on the road out front. The pavement is steaming, the grass is brown and crackly. The birds are hiding in the trees. No one is even walking their dog. Too hot.

Yet, here are the neighborhood landscapers running the weed eater and cutting what little bit of brown grass that exists. I ask myself, “Why?” Then, I realize that this is their job. The men are wearing hats, long sleeves and long pants. The sweat is pouring off of them. I look out of the window every so often and make sure they are drinking water and resting in the shade for breaks. They have no idea that someone is watching them. I worry.

I ask God to keep the landscapers and everyone who is outside safe. I ask God to keep the animals safe in this awful heat.

When will we get cooler temps? Forecasters say later this week. We’ll see. While I wait, I thank God for air conditioning and cool drinks, popsicles, ice cold water, and lots of great books to read.

How is your weather? Have you checked on any one who might need help in this heat?

Stay cool, stay hydrated and stay inside if you can. Read some great books while you wait.

Have a blessed, cool day,

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