People Watching and the Car Alarm

Last evening, Alan and I decided to take our daily trip to “the Kroger” across the street from our home.  We were shopping for essentials like pickles, spinach and cookies. (No, I am not expecting.)  🙂

I decided to sit in the car and “people watch” while Alan went shopping. I knew he wouldn’t be in the store long and I always enjoy watching the sights. I am amazed at how many people come out of the store and can’t find their vehicles. Well… not amazed, because even though we are at the store a lot, we have forgotten where we parked, too.

Alan got out of the car, closed his door and proceeded to hit the lock button. I thought, “Oh, how sweet. He wants me to be safe.” Only problem is that he didn’t realize that he had activated the car alarm when locking in his precious cargo. So, now, a red light was flashing on the dashboard and I sat praying that I didn’t see anyone I knew in the parking lot. If I did see a friend who wanted to chat, that would mean I had to open the car door and oh, no!!!!! That loud car alarm would alert the world that I might be in distress, when in fact, my husband was being extra careful. Of course, I didn’t have my set of keys with me.  So, I sat there just hoping that he would be out of the store soon.

In what seemed like hours, but, was only about 10 minutes, Alan arrived back at the car with spinach and pickles. They were out of the cookies I had requested. I explained the dilemma of the car alarm and how worried I was that I might have to open the door. Very quiet and calmly, he said, “Oh, I must have pushed the wrong button on the key chain.” Yes, he was being protective, even more than he realized. 🙂

After “the Kroger” adventure, we rode around the neighborhood and looked at Christmas decorations.

I am blessed to be loved so much. You just never know what will happen around here….because “It’s always a story with the Henderson’s.”

Have a blessed day,




2 thoughts on “People Watching and the Car Alarm

  1. Didn’t know you blog, Mini! Enjoy reading these! Laughed about your names and the car alarm! My nickname is Dar and received it from a precious, sweet little 2yr girl when I was an adult in my late 50’s.

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