A Thankful Heart and yes, a dryer sheet

Today, the song “Give Thanks with A Grateful Heart” keeps playing in my mind. Alan(my husband) and I are so very grateful to God for all His blessings.
We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with son(Mike) and daughter-in-love(Christine). They are traveling back to their home in SC and we miss them already.
There was delicious food every day, fun time exploring the Science Museum , riding through the neighborhood every night looking at the many Christmas decorations and lights up already, sharing laughter and quiet moments, too.  We even purchased a new Christmas tree and Mike and Christine helped decorate the tree. 🙂
These are just a few things for which we give thanks to God. There doesn’t always have to be a fabulous, expensive activity. Just sitting and listening to our son read to us, and watching the way Mike and Christine look at each other. Those are priceless moments.

Yes, of course, there has to be a Henderson “funny”. As Alan and I prepared for Mike and Christine to visit, we made our usual trip to the local store. We made our purchases, visited with the clerks and left to go back home.
As we walked across the parking lot, Alan looked down and lo and behold, there was a dryer sheet hanging out of the bottom of his pants. Oops, my mistake. I thought I had checked his pants for dryer sheets. My first comment was, “Well, at least it wasn’t a pair of underwear”, because, well, you know, that could possibly have happened in the past. haha!
This was just a little old lonely dryer sheet. 🙂

What can I say? “It’s always a story with the Henderson’s”.
Have you ever left a dryer sheet or any thing else in your pants and found it at an awkward time?


2 thoughts on “A Thankful Heart and yes, a dryer sheet

  1. Had such a great time with you all last week! What a great post! I’ve definitely found dryer sheets in bed linens after sleeping on them – sometimes in the morning they just show up! Socks too for that matter 🙂 Never outside of the house though – that’s so funny!

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